Departments & Offices

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President's Leadership Team

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
President's Office
Dr. Jianping Wang President   3613
Beth Brower Special Assistant to the President and Liaison to the Board of Trustees   3613
Academic Affairs
Dr. Robert Schreyer Vice President   3330
Leslie Miller Executive Assistant   3331
College Advancement
Joseph Claffey Vice President   3661
Cheryl McCormick Executive Assistant   3608
Finance and Administration
Laura Schepps Vice President   3610
Raquel Hernandez Senior Executive Assistant   3283
Human Resources
Barbara Basel Vice President   3272
Information Technology Services
Inder Singh Vice President   3670

Book Stores
Name Position   609-570-3416
West Windsor Campus
  main desk   609-570-3416
Robert Hughes Store Manager   609-570-3418
Jermar Johnson Assistant Manager   609-570-3417
Christine Lucas Textbook Manager   609-570-3425
James Kerney Campus
  main desk   609-570-3190

College Advancement

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Joseph Claffey Vice President   3661
Cheryl McCormick Executive Assistant  > 3608
Development & Alumni Relations
Radhika Jaisimha Administrative Specialist   3607
Laura Richards Special Projects Specialist   3519
Marketing, Publications, Web Services
Francis Paixao Director   3731
Lori Diecidue Office Administrator and Graphic Artist   3796
Tim Fitzpatrick Web Developer   3676
Brad Kent Web & Print Editor   3772
Dan Migliaccio Associate Graphic Designer   3762
Marcy Roberts Marketing Specialist   3729
Public Relations
Steve Schreiber Social Media and Communications Specialist   3574
Mary Ann Tarr Associate Coordinator   3707

College Safety

EMERGENCY LINE:  ext. 3200
Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Bryon Marshall Executive Director   3523
West Windsor Campus
Michael Flaherty Commanding Officer   3539
Clifford Pollard Second In Command   3509
Kelly Branin Security Officer II   3503
Jose Carranza Security Officer I   3503
Charles Coleman Security Officer I   3503
Eric Deboskey Security Officer II   3503
Alberto Dello Iacono Security Officer / Team Leader   3503
Thomas Keegan Security Officer II   3503
Michael King Security Officer I   3503
Collin Kuklish Security Officer III   3503
Javier Macario Security Officer III EMT   3503
Tammy Roberson Security Officer I   3503
Cecilia Scott Security Officer III   3503
Todd Sparks Security Officer I   3503
Nathan Yem Security Officer I   3503
James Kerney Campus
Steven Frustaci Lead Officer 2nd shift   3175
Hope Jarvis Lead Officer 1st shift   3175
Sebastian Ortiz Security Officer I   3175
Barry Smith Security Officer I   3175

Division of Lifelong Learning

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. Gonzalo Perez Dean   3241
Jennifer De Los Santos Executive Assistant  > 3656
Center for Continuing Studies    (609) 570-3311
Andrea Bash Program Coordinator   3122
Shan Bercaw Program Coordinator   3187
Elisete DaRocha Administrative Specialist   3672
Florence Sult Senior Administrative Specialist   3611
Erica Milcarek Marketing Coordinator   3248
Conference Center
Jessica Mulkey Interim Operations and Events Manager   3281
Cedric Harris Head Chef   3605
Mercer Institute of Management & Technology Training
Jennifer Kaklamanis Account Executive   3279
Elizabeth Smith Administrative Specialist   3280
Lori Vono Administrative Specialist   3282
Julia West-Johnson Project Manager   3290
Noncredit Registration
Stacie-Anne Hannawacker Operations Manager   3202
Karen Adams Administrative Specialist   3311
Aparna Vira Administrative Specialist   3311
Youth Programs / Camp College
Rose Fiorello Director   3267
Lindsay Garret Coordinator   3650

Facilities & Office Services

Maintenance Direct Hotline: ext. 3536
Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Bryon Marshall Executive Director   3523
Kelly Greene Department Specialist   3534
Anna Bou Project Coordinator   3542
Douglas Gazzale Manager - Fire Safety, Safety and Compliance    
David Pie Operations Manager   3506
Joshua Johnson Manager, Facilities Operations   3553
Frederick Carella Supervising Team Leader   3518
Carnie Bragg Department Specialist   3590
Valerie Sassaman Project Coordinator   3542
Jonathan Bogdan Craftsman - HVAC   3502
Robert Bowman Craftsman - HVAC   3502
Luis Cruz Maintenance I   3502
Michael Dorio Maintenance I   3502
Latrisa Evans Maintenance Specialist II   3502
Richard MacFarland Craftsman - Carpenter   3502
Kenneth Melkonich Craftsman - Electrician   3502
Thomas Powell Maintenance Specialist - Grounds   3502
Robert Seeds Craftsman - Carpenter   3502
Todd Self Team Leader - Custodial   3150
Larond Sheppard Maintenance I   3502
Russell Stupienski Maintenance I   3150
Stephen Tryba Craftsman - Plumber   3502
Michael Zakrzeski Craftsman - Mechanic   3502
Stephen Zsenak Craftsman - Electrician   3502
Office Services
Raymond Andrejcik Coordinator   3219, 3220
William Peroni Document Technician   3219, 3220
Jerry Simicsak Messenger Driver II   3212, 3220
Brian Kerns Maintenance I   3508

Financial & Accounting Services

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Mark Banyacski Controller   3229
James Pierce Assistant Controller   3275
Emily Cintron Administrative Specialist   3497
Courtney Herrick Manager   3245
Ha Nguyen Cao Accountant   3263
Jane Westfall Accountant   3494
Accounts Payable & Foundation
Lori McKiernan Department Specialist   3255
Grants Management & Auxiliary Services
Delia Mercene Grants Accountant   3287
Theresa Palughi Grants Officer   3276
Sheryl Trotman Senior Administrative Specialist   3257
Jami Van Exel Disbursements Manager   3256
Cheryl Neilson Payroll Accountant and Coordinator   3262
Edith Lopez Accountant   3260

The Gallery
Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Alice Thompson Director   3806, 3589

Human Resources
Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Barbara Basel Vice President   3272
Scott Butchley Deputy Director   3635
Marvin Carter Director, Diversity Equity and Inclusion   3245
Jeby Mathew HRIS Coordinator   3215
Audrey Mostrowski Coordinator, HR Generalist / Benefits   3273
Janeth Philhower Operations Manager   3243
Judith Reid Interim Pandemic Specialist   3655
Carol Sanderson Administrative Specialist   3270

Information Technology Services

Help Desk:
ext. 4357 (when calling internally) or 609-570-3300 (off campus)

General Contact:

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Inder Singh Vice President   3670
Customer Services Operations
Robert Monegro Director   3704
Media Services
Floyd Bledsoe Technician   3706
Darleen Owens Streaming Service Support Analyst   3701
Darren Price Technician   3578
David Valentino Chief Electronics Engineer   3710
User Services
Tonia Harrison Manager   3640
Marinela Barbu Senior Technical Support Specialist   3653
Edward Frader Technical Support Specialist   3626
Irwin (Gary) Marks Technical Support Specialist   3624
Florin Neagu Senior Technical Support Specialist   3633
Enterprise Systems
Jared Carter Director   3622
Enterprise Applications
William Dorney Systems Analyst   3753
Cynthia von Rhine Database Administrator   3632
Carolyn Walsh Business Analyst   3627
Network and Technical Services
Rafael Cortes Manager   3648
Richard Bianco Manager   3443
Yasir Faheem Network Administrator   3658
Records and Information Management
Dominic Cuccia Manager   3663

Institutional Effectiveness

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. Elizabeth Anderson Dean   3477
Nina May Senior Director   3460
Moses Kim Research/Systems Analyst   3480

Kelsey Theatre
Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
M. Kitty Getlik Manager   3580
Amy Bessellieu Senior Administrative Specialist   3581
Lyndsey Goehrig Project Secretary   3566
Diana Maurer Box Office - ticket purchase   3333
Kathryn Pinner Technical Coordinator   3584


Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Steven Quattro Director   3253
Sherri McIntyre Procurement Compliance Analyst   3252
Deborah Paone Senior Purchasing Agent   3249
Catherine Roberts Administrative Specialist   3251
Jon Sofo Senior Purchasing Agent   3266

WWFM The Classical Network

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Alice Weiss-Miller Station Manager / Program Director   3703
Marcia Carpino Membership Coordinator   3725
Winifred Howard Jazz Program Director   3794
Rachel Katz Production Manager   3591
David Osenberg Music Director   3702