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Both the West Windsor Campus cafeteria and James Kerney Campus Center City Café are not operating at this time.

Sink Your Teeth Into Mercer Meal Money

Mercer Meal Money is a food debit card that may be used instead of cash at Campus Eateries at The West Windsor or James Kerney Campuses. You must be an active student, faculty or staff member at MCCC to purchase a card.

To take advantage of weekly specials at the Campus Eateries, purchase your Mercer Meal Money at the MCCC Bursar's office starting July 1.

Each time you use the Mercer Meal Money card, the amount spent is deducted from the balance. Additional value may be added at any time. Unused value cannot be redeemed for cash.

In its programming, the card will include the cardholder's name. Therefore, if lost or stolen, the card may be replaced. It is the owner's responsibility to report the loss to the Bursar's office immediately so the card can be disabled. Replacement cost is $10.

Mercer Money Gift Cards are also available, and are not associated with a student or staff account name, so if lost or stolen they are not replaceable. Gift cards may be purchased for $10 and up.

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