Health Professions Division

Welcome to the Health Professions Division at Mercer County Community College. Our faculty and staff provide students with a learning environment that is centered on a nexus of guided pathways, professional conduct, and student success. Our graduates are given the tools and support that they need to succeed and are well-prepared upon employment entry or transfer into four year institutions.

I invite you to come and see for yourself. Talk to current students and faculty, visit our facilities or attend a general Health Professions Information Session and learn firsthand about the opportunities that await you. I look forward to welcoming you as you take your first step towards a career in the Health Professions.

Kevin Duffy, Dean
(609) 570-3384
MS 131

The Health Professions division offers nine degree and one certificate programs as follows:

Transfer Degrees prepare students for transfer to related programs at four-year colleges and universities: Healthcare Career programs with licensure: Additional career program: Certificate of Proficiency:

From these pages, you can access complete information about the various degree options and required courses. Whatever your academic plans, it is important that you see an academic advisor (refer to contact information for all Health Professions faculty).