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International Students

We Welcome the World!

International students are warmly welcomed at Mercer County Community College and encouraged to apply. Over 150 international students on F-1 visa status study at Mercer every semester in a wide range of majors, adding rich dimension to our community by contributing both academic talent and cultural diversity.

The presence and contributions of international students at Mercer are an important part of building a multicultural community and developing an academic environment that reflects diverse perspectives.

Mercer is authorized to issue the Form I-20. Students are admitted before the beginning of each semester, year round. Most of our international students transfer to four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States after completing their studies in Mercer Degree programs, Certificate programs, and English Language Training.

All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English to enroll in college-level courses. Until college readiness is demonstrated in English, the I-20 will reflect the Language Training level of education.



Contact the International Student Services Office

International Student Services E-mail



Instructions for Applying to Mercer -- F-1 Student Visa Status

       Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants intending to study at Mercer on F-1 Student visa must complete and submit the required application documents, following all steps below.

STEP 1: Complete and submit the MCCC Online Admissions Application
Once you submit this online application, you will be assigned a Student ID number. Please use this Student ID number in all of your communications with the college. You must proceed to Step 2 after submitting your MCCC Online Admissions Application.
Students applying
from abroad:

* Fall semester - June 1
* Spring semester - October 1
* Summer session - March 1

Transfer Students within the U.S. and Change of Status applicants: contact the International Student Services Office for application deadline.

STEP 2: Email for a copy of I-20 application booklet.
Complete all of the application forms in the I-20 application booklet. Much of the documentation in this I-20 application booklet requires signatures and stamps, so please follow the instructions carefully to complete and provide all necessary information required.
STEP 3: E-mail the completed I-20 application booklet and all supporting materials to or mail to: Mercer County Community College
International Student Services - SC 251
1200 Old Trenton Road
West Windsor, NJ 08550

English Language Program Requirement

Students may submit scores from Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). TOEFL or IELTS scores will determine your eligibility for the I-20 in the English Language Training Program or for your designated field of study. Please include the official score with your application. The test must have been taken within two years of the application date. You still may be required to take Mercer's placement test upon your arrival at the college.

NOTE: F-1 international students are only eligible for the CREDIT English Language Training program at Mercer County Community College.

Evaluation and Transfer of Foreign Credentials

If you have completed university-level courses in your home country and are interested in transferring credits to Mercer, you must submit an official course by course evaluation report of your foreign transcript.

The provider of the evaluation must be a member of NACES, The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. Please visit their website to find a provider and details regarding the evaluating process.

Send your official credentials evaluation report to:   Student Records Office
Mercer County Community College
P.O. Box 17202
Trenton, NJ 08690

Estimated Yearly Cost for Tuition and Expenses for F-1 Students

International students and their family or sponsors must assume all responsibility for student expenses. The following estimated costs are based on 12 credits per semester. The college reserves the right to change tuition or fees at any time by action of the Board of Trustees.   Tuition and Fees:  $9,000
Room and Board:  $8,600
Books and Supplies:  $2,500
Transportation and Personal:  $2,500
TOTAL:  $22,600
(Additional Expenses for Dependents - per dependent for each year of study at MCCC:  $6,000)