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MCCC STUDENT HOUSING  at Rider University

Experience campus life living at Rider University while attending Mercer County Community College!

Rider University
A unique arrangement between the two schools allows MCCC students to immerse themselves in the residential life on the Lawrenceville campus of Rider University, with access to a wide range of essential student services including housing, dining, transportation, healthcare, and more.

How to Apply for Rider Campus Housing

  1. Complete the Mercer Student Housing Application.
  2. Applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of their application with instructions for payment. Once full payment is received, instructions will be provided to complete the application and housing process.
  3. Applications must be received by August 15, 2024 to be considered for Fall semester. After that time, there is no guarantee for placement.
Further details and assistance available through the MCCC Student Affairs office.
Email or call (609) 570-3620.

Benefits to MCCC Students As Rider University Residents

Reduced Room and Board

Rider will offer you a significant housing grant toward your room and board. Rates reflect housing for a standard double per semester.

MCCC Student Housing Rates for 2024-2025

  • $4,335 per semester for housing standard double (+ meal plan, encouraged)
  • $5,100 per semester for double as a single in Poyda Dormitory (as available) (+ meal plan, encouraged)

For non-traditional students with extended 18-week stays:

  • $4,580 for housing standard double ($265 each additional week) (+ meal plan, encouraged)
  • $5,624 for double as a single in Poyda Dormitory (as available) ($312 each additional week) (+ meal plan, encouraged)

Future Reduced Housing Rates
If you decide to transfer to Rider University for your bachelor’s degree after earning your associate degree at Mercer, Rider will continue the discounted room and board rate for up to two additional years.

Rider Meal Plans (optional)

  • $702 -- Flex 30 Plan includes 30 meal swipes and $330 in Bronc Bucks per semester
  • $3,276 -- Carte Blanche Plus for unlimited meal swipes at Daly Dining Hall plus $275 in Bronc Bucks
  • $3,276 -- 14 Meal Plan for 14 meals per week at Daly Dining Hall and $375 in Bronc Bucks

Bronc Bucks included with the meal plan carry over from the Fall to the Spring semester and then expire at the end of the academic year. Any remaining meals or Bronc Bucks not used prior to the end of the Spring semester are forfeited.

MCCC students not electing to purchase a meal plan may use a credit card or Personal Bronc Bucks in conjunction with the GrubHub app to order food on campus. The student will be required to pay the door rate + tax.

Access to Campus Resources

MCCC students are issued a Rider ID for:

  • Moore Library privileges
  • Use of Schimek Family Fitness Center
  • Food venues including Cranberry’s, Daly Dining Hall, Jersey Mike's, Muller’s Pub, Starbucks, and Saxby’s Coffee
  • Free parking
  • Campus events and activities (excluding student organization membership)
  • Shuttle service (for pre-scheduled routes)
  • Student Health Center (billable to insurance; Rider pays co-pay/deductible; no upfront costs for MCCC students

Financial Aid Benefit
For students who may be eligible for financial aid, the MCCC Financial Aid office will recalculate the cost of MCCC attendance to take into consideration the Rider room and board costs. This will increase students’ eligibility for financial assistance and support access to a college residential experience that enhances their overall educational experience.

Mercer College Learning, Rider Campus Living

Mercer College Learning, Rider Campus Living

Be part of welcoming and supportive college communities.
MCCC's commitment to student success serves your education. Then, living and interacting with students on Rider’s Lawrenceville campus, you’ll make connections and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Reduce the stress of maintaining an apartment.
Campus living at Rider eliminates the demands and responsibilities of renting an apartment. You won’t need to shop, cook your daily meals, or worry about paying monthly bills for electricity, gas and rent.

Access the amenities of a comprehensive university.
As a campus resident, you can take full advantage of Rider’s library, study areas, and dining halls. Be a part of Rider's on-campus events — from concerts, musicals and plays to art shows and guest lectures by leading business executives, artists, authors, politicians and educators.

Commute easily to and from Rider and MCCC.
Rider is just 12.8 km (8 miles) from Mercer County Community College. A shuttle bus makes travel between the two campuses convenient and easy.