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Student Life / Clubs

Student Life and Leadership

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An important part of college life is the personal enrichment students gain outside the classroom through student activities. Getting involved in campus activities gives students many educational experiences, leadership opportunities and the chance to interact with other students and faculty/staff members in an informal setting.

Organizations serve all members of the campus community. More than 40 clubs offer students the opportunity to explore special interests. Many of these clubs are directly affiliated with fields of study and augment classroom experiences.

In addition, art exhibits, dance productions, dramatic presentations, musical productions, and performances by guest artists are sponsored throughout the year. Music organizations include the college chorus, jazz band, symphonic band, dance ensemble, and stage band. The Community Band is open to all residents who are experienced instrumentalists.

Student Life and Leadership staff members assist students with all aspects of planning and implementing programs. Clubs and organizations operate in conjunction with the Student Life and Leadership office and a club advisor.

Director: Danielle Garruba

Leadership Education And Development (L.E.A.D.) Program

For students currently enrolled in a credit course at Mercer County Community College, the L.E.A.D. Program is designed to emphasize the key concept areas of leadership, teamwork, community development, personal growth, and change.

The L.E.A.D. Program is designed to compliment the college experience and provide opportunities to engage in activities designed to build tomorrow’s leaders. L.E.A.D. activities encourage a sense of social engagement and community involvement for anyone interested.

For information beyond these details, contact program advisor Adriana Matt at (609) 570-3677 or e-mail

Formation of Clubs

If you are looking for an activity or club and you don't see it here, Mercer welcomes the opportunity to start new clubs. To charter a club, you need a membership list of at least 10 students, a faculty advisor, a club officer list, and a constitution. Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Life and Leadership staff members will help prepare the constitution. Once these requirements are met, the SGA will vote to charter the club at its next scheduled meeting.

For information about joining any of these clubs or starting a new club:

Student Organizations, Publications, and Radio

The Student Life and Leadership Department promotes student involvement. Organizations serve all members of the campus community.

Student Government Association (SGA) - The governing body of all students enrolled at the college. Through the SGA, students have a voice on campus. SGA is responsible for the formation and funding of all clubs and for students' representation on the standing committees of the college

Student Executive Council JKC - James Kerney Campus - Plans cultural, educational, recreational and social programs, along with campus-wide events. SEC JKC strives to create a sense of community on campus.

College Voice - The student newspaper provides MCCC students, faculty, staff, and residents of neighboring areas with educational and information articles, news, editorial coverage, and general student comments of particular interest to the greater college community. The College Voice promotes interest in the art of daily collegiate journalism, and educates and trains MCCC students in the art of print and new media journalism.

Viking 89 (Student Radio) - The MCCC student radio organization provides daily musical entertainment and announcements for the Mercer community. Viking 89 offers hands-on experience in radio production and announcing.

Student Clubs

details and descriptions     Club Advisor Manual (pdf)

The Student Life and Leadership Department promotes student involvement. Clubs and organizations offer students the opportunity to explore special interests. For further information, contact the Student Life and Leadership Department.

ASHE - American Society of Highway Engineers
Architecture Club
Business Honors (Phi Beta Lambda)
Cheer Dance Club
The College VOICE (student newspaper)
Drama Club
Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
Funeral Service Honors (Sigma Phi Sigma)
Graphic Design Club
Hanging with Strangers
Honors Club (Mercer)
Hospitality Club
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Magic the Gathering
Marketing Club
Medical Laboratory Tech Science Club (MLT)
Mercer Clean Consumption Club (M-CCC)
Mercer Medical Club
Music Club
Mycology Club
Nursing Honors Society (Alpha Delta Nu)
Organic Chemistry Club
Phi Theta Kappa (Honors Society)
Physics Club
Radiography Club
Rainbow Alliance (LGBTQ+ Club)
SGA - Student Government Association
SOUL - Society Of Unusual Literature
SNA - Student Nursing Association
Student-Parent Success Group
Viking 89: Student Radio
Volleyball Club
Wellness/Walking Club
Women in Business
Wrestling Club