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Including most Spring Semester classes through April, MCCC is operating remotely, with the physical West Windsor and Trenton campuses currently closed except for limited classes and other college-sanctioned activities.  Refer to Ongoing Sources and Support for Student Success as well as MCCC Remote / COVID-19 Information & Resources for matters vital to all, including plans for returning to campus.


Veterans and Military Students

Veterans Services at MCCC

Mercer County Community College is approved for Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill® benefits, NJ National Guard Tuition Waiver, US Army Tuition Assistance, US Air Force Tuition Assistance, US Navy Tuition Assistance, USMC Tuition Assistance, US Coast Guard Tuition Assistance, and MyCAA.

The goal of the Mercer County Community College Veterans Services Office is to ensure that veteran, military, and dependent students are successful at MCCC and able to take fully advantage of the broad range of educational and cultural activities offered by MCCC while being able to share their diverse experiences with the college community.

New Jersey National Guard Tuition Waiver Program

Students who are members in good standing in the New Jersey National Guard are entitled to receive free tuition for up to 15 credits per semester. The National Guard member is responsible for paying college fees, laboratory fees, and the cost of books and supplies.

Students must:

  • Submit NJDMAVA Form 621-2-R to the MCCC Veterans Affairs Office. This document must be dated not more than 60 days before the registration date.
  • Fill out the MCCC Request for Certification form
  • Each year the member must apply, through the Financial Aid Office at the institution, for all available state and federal student grants and scholarships for which the member may be eligible to receive. [This may be accomplished by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).]

*You are required to use available financial aid before the National Guard Tuition Waiver will be applied to your account. Understand that if you are eligible to use the National Guard Tuition Waiver you will not pay for your tuition out of pocket (up to 15 credits). Your tuition will be covered by financial aid, the waiver, or a combination of both. You are still required to cover the cost of any applicable fees due to the College.


Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill®

How to Receive Benefits at MCCC as a New Student

This provides a useful overview of how to get started with receiving Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill® benefits. Please also review the steps below to ensure you receive your benefits at MCCC.

How to Receive Benefits as a Continuing Student

Each semester that you would like to receive VA benefits at MCCC, you must submit the MCCC Request for Certification form, obtained from the MCCC Veterans Services Office (room SC110) or by emailing

Financial Aid TV

Community Resources

Trenton Vet Center
Mercer County Community College has forged a partnership with the Trenton Vet Center (located on the border with Ewing) to expand the services the college offers to military veterans. A representative will be on the West Windsor campus room SC 236 every Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to advise veterans about issues they may be facing that are interfering with their success in college and in their personal lives. Services include counseling, outreach and referrals to community agencies.

Soldier On
Soldier On is a private nonprofit organization committed to ending veteran homelessness.

If you know a veteran or a member of a veteran family who is homeless or at risk of being homeless residing in central or eastern New York state, northern or central New Jersey, western Pennsylvania, western Massachusetts, or Mississippi who could benefit from Soldier On's Supportive Services for Veterans Families program, call 1-866-406-8449.

Student Veteran Club
The MCCC Student Veterans Club, Alliance for Veterans and Supporters (AVS), seeks to be the spot where veteran, military, and their supporters on the campus can come together to relax, socialize and help each other while attending Mercer. On Facebook at, AVS participates in many of the events on campus, providing support to its members and throughout the community. Meetings are held in the Student Veterans Lounge in SC 222..
News Announcement: New Veterans Club at MCCC Creating Bridge to Civilian Life

Other Helpful Information

How to Get a Copy of Your DD214

Military Transcripts for MCCC Credits

Mercer recognizes that learning in the classroom is only part of the learning that takes place in the modern world. Credit may be granted by examinations and other demonstrations of knowledge or skills acquired outside the traditional classroom. These include appropriate life and work experiences in addition to formal learning through military schools, proprietary schools, or training programs.

US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps
Can request official transcripts here

US Air Force
Can request official transcripts here

Calendar of Events:
happening for veterans at MCCC, Mercer County. and New Jersey


John Becker - room SC110
Director, Veterans Services

or call 609-570-3240

MCCC Veterans Resource Center
room SC212, West Windsor Campus



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