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Departments & Offices

James Kerney Campus

Name Position   dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Assistant VP Office
Dr. Gonzalo Perez Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Workforce Education and Innovation   3241
Natasha Bullock Assistant to the Dean   3160
Campus Safety & Maintenance
Kerney Center lobby     3175
Trenton Hall lobby     3140
Maintenance Desk     3150
Center City Cafe
Devon Platt Chef   3126
kitchen     3197
Fashion Design & Merchandising
Katina Lindsay faculty, Fashion Design   3135
sewing lab     3136
JKC Gallery
(Director)     3186

Community Education and Training - JKC

Name Position   dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Mishika Thompson Department Specialist   3120
Esveidy Cornely Education Specialist   6635
Nwasha Edu Education Specialist   3138
Chadd Pine Education Specialist   6635
Career Training Institute
Rafael Agliata Instructor   3138
Suzanne Edwards Education Specialist   3129
Jim Morris Office Assistant   3148

Student Services/Resources - JKC

Name Position   dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Academic Support Center (Testing and Tutoring Services)
  general/main desk   3151
Monica Maldonado Coordinator   3157, 3128
Book Store
  main desk   6774
Food Pantry
Jodi Marra Coordinator   3700
Iqra Ahmad Clerk   3179
Fatma Badawy Clerk   3179
Ashley Leon-Van Technician   3179
Student Experience and Community Outreach
Dr. Latonya Ashford Ligon Director   3171
Kimberly Bowser Outreach Specialist   3110
Advising Center
Melissa Santiago Academic Advisor   3146
Enrollment Center
Information Desk / Commons area     3130
Elizabeth Gordon Senior Administrative Specialist   3180
Paulette Wright-Parham Senior Administrative Specialist   3139

Youth College - JKC

Name Position   dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Educational Talent Search
Peggy Brown Director   3177  /  439-5435
Wanda Ritchie Administrative Specialist   3184  /  439-5114
Anijah Jackson Education Specialist   3174
Tashell Walters Education Specialist   3176
Bonnie Negron Administrative Specialist   3234
Moniquea Clark Counselor   3156
Jeff Sammuel Counselor   3154
Upward Bound
Stacy Denton Director   3132
Maria Marin-Carabajo Department Specialist   3155
Kimyata Valere Academic Advisor   3145
Thomas Weston Education Specialist   3134
VIP 21st Century Schools
Darius Dove Associate Director   3183
Alyssa Brown Education Specialist   3131
Coreen Grooms Technician   3183
Bridget Lewis-Burgess Education Specialist   3105