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Faculty & Staff Directory

JK = James Kerney Campus
WW = West Windsor Campus

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THEN ext. below
Ratti, Denise   3491 Academic Affairs - Grants
Reeder, Jordan   3637 Information Technology Services
Reid, Christine   3159 Finance
Ricco, Amy   3372 Math, Science, Health Professions
Richman, Steve (Dr.)   3303 Liberal Arts
Ritchie, Wanda   3184 Educational Talent Search - JK
Roberson, Tammy   3175 College Safety - JK
Roberts, Catherine   3271 Human Resources
Rodgers, Travis   3248 Division of Lifelong Learning
Rogers, Nina   3629 Workforce Education and Innovation
Romulus, Diane   3743 Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Rose, Daniel (Dr.)   3893 Math, Science, Health Professions
Rosenberger, Janien   3474 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Rowe, Christopher   3503 College Safety - WW
Rowe, Jonathan (Dr.)   3479 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Rybicki, Erin (Dr.)   3649 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Rzasa, Elizabeth   3449 Business, Technology, Professional Studies


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Sabree, Hana     GEAR UP
Sameda, Anna-Graciela   3406 Educational Opportunity Fund
Sammuel, Jeff   3154 GEAR UP
Sanderson, Carol   3270 Human Resources
Santiago, Melissa   3146 Advising Center - JK
Santosuosso, John   3462 Advising Center
Scaletti, Tracy   3895 Math, Science, Health Professions
Schepps, Laura   3610 Finance and Administration
Schermond, Daniel (Dr.)   3345 Liberal Arts
Schreiber, Steve   3574 Marketing and Communications
Schreyer, Robert (Dr.)   3330 Academic Affairs
Scott, Antoinette   3561 Library Services
Seeds, Robert   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Self, Todd   3150 Facilities and Maintenance - JK
Sen, Sharmila   3733 Liberal Arts
Sharkey, Charlene (Dr.)   3892 Math, Science, Health Professions
Shave, Lisa   3387 Math, Science, Health Professions
Simicsak, Jerry   3219 Office Services
Simon, Michael   3560 Library Services
Simpson, Rachel   3293 Marketing and Communications
Singh, Inder   3670 Information Technology Services
Smith, Christopher   3169 GEAR UP
Smith, Heather   3545 Library Services
Smith, Ron (Dr.)   3395 Math, Science, Health Professions
Smith, Terry   3274 Counseling and Wellness Center
Sofo, Jonathan   3266 Purchasing
Sosa, Laura (Dr.)   3485 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Sparks, Ryan   3503 College Safety - WW
Sparks, Todd   3506 College Safety
Srinath, Lavanya   3558 Library Services
Stevenson, Kyle   3836 Liberal Arts
Stinson, Arlene   3525 Center for Inclusion,
Transition and Accessibility
Stoneback, Sharon   3560 Library Services
Storer, Frederick   3306 Math, Science, Health Professions
Struzynski, Melinda   3554 Library Services
Stupienski, Russell   3150 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Sult, Florence   3611 Center for Continuing Studies
Syed, Rubana   3475 Business, Technology, Professional Studies


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Tabor, Jack (Dr.)   3838 Liberal Arts
Tanzini, Helen   3349 Math, Science, Health Professions
Taylor, Christopher   3457 College Safety
Taylor, Helen   799-3245 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Testerman, Eric   3240 Military and Veterans Services
Thompson, Mishika   3120 Community Education and Training - JK
Tkacs, Janice   3295 Testing Center - WW
Trabosh, Marc   3251 Purchasing
Trenton-Mercer Airport   609-530-1272  
Trotman, Sheryl   3257 Finance
Tryba, Stephen   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Valentino, David   3710 Information Technology Services
Valere, Kimyata   3145 Upward Bound - JK
Van Exel, Jami   3256 Finance
Vecchiolla, Marc   3537 Athletics
Vega, Vicky   3393 Academic Operations
Vira, Aparna   3311 Division of Lifelong Learning
Vogtman, Jacqueline   3750 Liberal Arts
Voldase, Christopher   3561 Library Services
Voldase, Terry (Dr.)   3481 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Vondrak, Amy (Dr.)   3891 Liberal Arts
Vono, Lori   3568 Academic Support Center
Voorhees, Steven (Dr.)   3805 Liberal Arts


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Walters, Tashell   3176 Educational Talent Search - JK
Wangombe, Douglas   3865 Math, Science, Health Professions
Waniak, Stephen   3165 Financial Aid
Ward, Lisa   3517 Center for Inclusion,
Transition and Accessibility
Washburn, Lauren   3527 Admissions
Weatherspoon, Charles   3427 Educational Opportunity Fund
Weiss Miller, Alice   3703 WWFM The Classical Network
Welliver, Michael   3522 Liberal Arts
Wersching, Beth   3561 Library Services
West-Johnson, Julia   3290 Mercer Institute
Weston, Thomas   3134 Upward Bound - JK
White, Carolyn   3536 Student Affairs
Whitney III, James (Dr.)   3325 Academic Affairs
Wilkerson, Leroy   3426 Advising Center
Williams, Lauren   3548 Student Records
Williams, Stefanie   3424 Educational Opportunity Fund
Wiltshire, Lorna   3572 Advising Center
Wittik, Robert   3408 Student Life & Leadership
Wolfe, Dylan (Dr.)   3332 Liberal Arts
Wright-Parham, Paulette   3139 Enrollment Center - JK
Wu, Shianling   3857 Business, Technology, Professional Studies


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Yeh, Wan-Ning (Dr.)   3371 Liberal Arts
Yem, Nathan   3503 College Safety - WW


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Zakrzeski, Michael   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Zamora, Mauro   3340 Liberal Arts
Zbaski, Karolina   3589 The Gallery
Zegarski, Ryan   3778 Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Zsenak, Stephen   2333 Facilities and Maintenance - WW


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