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Faculty & Staff Directory

JK = James Kerney Campus
WW = West Windsor Campus

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  dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Faheem, Yasir   3658 Information Technology Services
Falkow, Linda   3365 Math, Science, Health Professions
Farmer, Al-Lateef   3593 Educational Opportunity Fund
Fee, Douglas   3447 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Fiks, Yevgeniy   3543 Liberal Arts
Fiorello, Rose   3267 Youth Programs / Camp College
Fitzpatrick, Tim   3676 Marketing, Publications, Web Services
Fleischner, Jamie Beth   3807 Math, Science, Health Professions
Frader, Edward   3626 Information Technology Services
Freihaut, Chris   3244 Recruitment and Enrollment
Friend, Carol   3371 Liberal Arts
Frustaci, Steven   3175 College Safety - JK


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  dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Gao, Meimei (Dr.)   3483 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Garruba-Ice, Danielle   3412 Student Life & Leadership
Gazenbeek-Person, Jody   3524 Liberal Arts
Geck, Doris   3482 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Genovesi, Anthony   3781 Athletics
Genovesi, Ellen   3363 Math, Science, Health Professions
Gerez, Cindy   3217 Financial Aid
Getlik, Kitty   3580 Kelsey Theatre
Giantisco, Ric   3458 Liberal Arts
Goehrig, Lyndsey   3566 Kelsey Theatre
Gordon, Elizabeth   3180 OneStop Center - JK
Gould, Margaret   3133 Community Education and Training - JK
Grant, Reginald   3223 OneStop Center - WWC
Greene, Kelly   3534 Facilities & College Safety
Greer, Deborah   3341 Math, Science, Health Professions
Griffith, Edwin   3166 Center for Retention and Completion
Grooms, Coreen   3183 VIP 21st Century Schools - JK
Gyenge, Katie   3455 Learning Center - WW


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  dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Haas, Charles (Dr.)   3452 Learning Centers, Testing Centers
Hamilton, Barbara (Dr.)   3544 Liberal Arts
Hanna, Michael   3828 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Hannawacker, Stacie-Anne   3202 Division of Lifelong Learning
Harris, Cedric   3605 Conference Center
Harris, Eugene   3436 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Harris, Jason   3542 Facilities and Maintenance
Harrison, Tonia   3640 Information Technology Services
Haywood, Alvyn   3362 Liberal Arts
Hein, Jessica   3264 OneStop Center - WWC
Help Desk   3300 or 4357 (internal)
609-570-3300 (off campus)
Information Technology Services
Hernandez, Raquel   3283 Finance and Administration
Herrick, Courtney   3245 Financial & Accounting Services
Higgins, Padhraig   3495 Liberal Arts
Hilker, Diane   3367 Math, Science, Health Professions
Homer, Nicole   3316 Liberal Arts
Horn, William   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Hornick, Scott   3716 Liberal Arts
Horowitz, Kenneth   3468 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Hover, Nicole   3623 Recruitment and Enrollment
Howard, Winifred   3794 WWFM (JazzOn2)
Howarth, Kenneth   3809 Liberal Arts
Huang, Jingrong (Dr.)   3429 Math, Science, Health Professions
Hylton, LeVar   3297 Testing Centers


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  dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Jaisimha, Radhika   3607 Math, Science, Health Professions
Jarvis, Hope   3207 College Safety - JK
Jennings, Heather (Dr.)   3450 Liberal Arts
Jewett, Damione   3503 College Safety - WW
Johnson, Alan   3153 NJ Youth Corps - JK
Johnson, Holly-Katharine   3594 Liberal Arts
Johnson, Joshua   3553 Facilities and Maintenance
Johnstone, Chelsey   3435 Student Life & Leadership
Juran, Jennifer   3644 Liberal Arts


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  dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Kaiser, Holly   3478 Math, Science, Health Professions
Kaklamanis, Jennifer   3279 Mercer Institute
Kalinowski, John   3675 Math, Science, Health Professions
Katz, Rachel   3591 WWFM The Classical Network
Keck, Bernadine   6635 Community Education and Training - JK
Keegan, Thomas   3503 College Safety - WW
Kelly, Lucas   3806 Liberal Arts
Kent, Brad   3772 Marketing, Publications, Web Services
Kerns, Brian   3508 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Kerr, Sandra   3337 Math, Science, Health Professions
Khoushab, Framarz   3448 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Kim, Moses   3480 Institutional Effectiveness
King, Michael   3503 College Safety - WW
Klaus, Rachael   3334 Math, Science, Health Professions
Kleinschmidt, Robert (Dr.)   3326 Liberal Arts
Knight, Beth   3221 Enrollment Management and Student Experience
Knight, Laura   3309 Liberal Arts
Kochis, Matthew   3852 Liberal Arts
Krause, Shannon   3370 Academic Operations
Kuklish, Collin   3503 College Safety


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