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Faculty & Staff Directory

JK = James Kerney Campus
WW = West Windsor Campus

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THEN ext. below
Ladson, Yannick   3354 Counseling and Wellness Center
Lajeunesse, Johnley   3503 College Safety - WW
LaPlaca, Tina   3356 Liberal Arts
Lawson, Deanna   3487 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Lawson, Jenna   3226 Development & Alumni Relations
Layton, Carly   3239 Development & Alumni Relations
LeCain, Camryn   3713 Information Technology Services
Lee, Florence   3335 Math, Science, Health Professions
Leon-Van‘es, Ashley   3179 Library Services - JK
Levy, Barry   3465 Liberal Arts
Levy, Howard   3745 Athletics
Lewis-Burgess, Bridget   3105 VIP 21st Century Schools - JK
Liberal Arts
Adjunct Faculty Office
  3302, 3305, 3803  
Linares, Kevin   3497 Finance
Lindsay, Katina   3135 Liberal Arts
Lippincott, Caroline   3291 Conference Center
Lopez, Edith   3260 Finance
Lubov, Magdalena   3328 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Lucarelli, Nick     Marketing and Communications
Lynch, Andrea (Dr.)   3111 (JKC)
3652 (WWC)
Business, Technology, Professional Studies;
Center for Global Opportunities


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Macario, Javier   3503 College Safety - WW
Maccariella, James (Dr.)   3462 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
MacFarland, Richard   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Maddox, Winston (Dr.)   3867 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Maldonado, Monica   3157, 3128 Learning/Testing Center - JK
Marcus, Jill   3133 Community Education and Training - JK
Marin-Carabajo, Maria   3155 Upward Bound - JK
Marini, Adelina   3259 Academic Operations
Marks, Irwin   3624 Information Technology Services
Martin, Michael   3539 College Safety
Martz, Christian   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Masseus, Vickie     Liberal Arts
Mastalesz, Nicholas   3584 Kelsey Theatre
Mathew, Jeby   3215 Human Resources
Maurer, Diana   3333 Kelsey Theatre
May, Nina   3460 Institutional Effectiveness
McCann, James   799-3245 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
McCarthy, Lynnette   3613 President's Office
McCormick, Cheryl   3285 Finance
McGowan, Nia   3227 Human Resources
McIntyre, Sherri   3252 Purchasing
McKiernan, Lori   3255 Finance
McMahon, Billy   3394 Math, Science, Health Professions
Medina, Emanuel   3236 Advising Center
Melchionna, Alix   3436 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Melendez, Theresa   3598 Honors Program
Melkonich, Kenneth   2333 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Mercene, Delia   3287 Finance
Miles, Shayla   3608 College Advancement
Miller, Leslie   3331 Academic Affairs
Miller, Linda   3532 Advising Center
Mizerek, Elizabeth (Dr.)   3526 Math, Science, Health Professions
Monegro, Robert   3704 Information Technology Services
Moore, Jonathan   3606 Information Technology Services
Morris, Jim   3148 Career Training Institute - JK
Mostrowski, Audrey   3273 Human Resources
Muka, Trisha   3213 Financial Aid
Mulkey, Jessica   3281 Division of Lifelong Learning
Munford, Andre   3638 Information Technology Services
Munn, Roxanne   3324 Academic Operations
Murphy, Mary   3489 Math, Science, Health Professions


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THEN ext. below
Nadig, John   3770 Math, Science, Health Professions
Natale, Patrick   3374 Math, Science, Health Professions
Neagu, Florin   3633 Information Technology Services
Negron, Bonnie   3234 GEAR UP
Neilson, Cheryl   3262 Finance
Nellums, Olivia   3559 Library Services
Norcross, Mary Ann   3364 Math, Science, Health Professions


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Obermeier, Rob   3314 Workforce Education and Innovation
Okike, Queen (Dr.)   3464 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Oliver, Erica (MBA)   3731 Marketing and Communications
Onaitis, Susan (Dr.)   3375 Center for Inclusion,
Transition and Accessibility
O'Neill, Kerri   3521 Liberal Arts
Onyile, Chinaza   3310 MercerOnline
Ortiz, Sebastian   3175 College Safety - JK
Osenberg, David   3702 WWFM The Classical Network
Owen, Lois   3137 Math, Science, Health Professions


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Palughi, Theresa   3276 Finance
Papafratzeskakou, Eirini   3557 Liberal Arts
Patwary, Athena   3571 Transfer Services
Perez, Gonzalo (Dr.)   3241 James Kerney Campus; Division of Lifelong Learning; Workforce Education and Innovation
Peroni, William   3219 Office Services
Perry Conley, Tonia (Dr.)   3621 Ombuds Office
Peterson, Betty   3421 Math, Science, Health Professions
Pierson, Michelle   3671 Advising Center
Pine, Chadd   6635 Community Education and Training - JK
Pollard, Clifford   3509 College Safety - WW
Porter, Richard   3826 Math, Science, Health Professions
Potts-Semel, Bernadette   3250 Marketing and Communications
Powell, Thomas   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Preston, Deborah (Dr.)   3613 President's Office
Price, Anastasia   3439 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Price, Darren   3578 Information Technology Services
Price, Pamela   3562 Library Services


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Quattro, Steven   3253 Purchasing
Quinn, Andrew   (609) 883-0555 Business, Technology, Professional Studies


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