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Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students

What is Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students?

Qualified high school seniors are invited to participate in the Concurrent Enrollment Program at Mercer County Community College. We offer the following types of concurrent enrollment for high school students:

Dual Enrollment Program

This program allows students to complete up to 12 MCCC credits during their senior year of high school. Credits earned through the Dual Enrollment Program may be used toward high school and/or college requirements. This program was developed in response to the 12th Grade Option initiated by the New Jersey Department of Education. *Through Dual Enrollment, students are able to take courses at MCCC while they are in their senior year at the high school. This program provides a unique opportunity to experience college courses, enhance their educational experience and prepare for the academic rigor of college.

*Certain high schools may allow qualified juniors to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program.

Why Dual Enrollment?
Taking Mercer County Community College courses while in high school can defray the total cost of attending college. Credits earned through dual enrollment can be used toward degree requirements at MCCC and/or, depending on the program of study, transferred to a four-year college or university. The Dual Enrollment Program enables students to accelerate their college career. Students enrolled in this program may enter their freshman year of college with advanced academic standing.

To participate in the Dual Enrollment Program, high school students must:

"Jump Start" Program

Mercer County Community College welcomes high school seniors and juniors presently enrolled at any high school, as well as home schooled residents, to apply to MCCC's Jump Start program. The following criteria apply:

For more information regarding the Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students programs, email

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