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These sessions debunk common myths associated with distance learning and provide helpful tips and tricks on succeeding within online courses. We recommend you attend one of these sessions if you've never taken an online course.

  • Web Blackboard Information Sessions (Do Not Come to Campus) are web based and hosted online.
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WINTER 2021-22

Winter info session printable flyer (pdf)

  Winter Session – Classes
Starting December 23, 2021
On-Campus Sessions NONE
Web Sessions
(Off-Campus, Online)
Monday, December 20 at NOON – Online
Tuesday, December 21 at 6pm – Online
Wednesday, December 22 at NOON – Online
Thursday, December 23 at NOON – Online


Spring info session printable flyer (pdf)

SESSIONS Classes Starting
January 24, 2022
(14 Wk/7 Wk)
Classes Starting
February 21, 2022
On-Campus Sessions NONE NONE
Web Sessions
Wednesday, January 19 at NOON - Online
Thursday, January 20 at NOON - Online
Thursday, January 20 at 6PM - Online
Friday, January 21 at NOON - Online
Monday, January 24 at NOON - Online
Monday, January 24 at 6PM - Online
Wednesday, February 16 at NOON - Online
Thursday, February 17 at 6pm - Online
Friday, February 18 at Noon – Online
Monday, February 21 at Noon – Online
Monday, February 21 at 6pm – Online


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