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Fall 2022 Online Courses

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Fall (15 weeks) F Session

Section Course Session Notes
ACC–106–300 Office Accounting I F 9/06–12/14
ACC–111–300 Principles of Financial Accounting F 9/06–12/14
ACC–112–300 Principles of Managerial Accounting F 9/06–12/14
ADV–230–300 History of Graphic Design F 9/06–12/14
ANT–101–300 Anthropology F 9/06–12/14
ART–125–300 Topics in Contemporary Art F 9/06–12/14
AVI-101-300 Aerospace Development F 9/06–12/14
AVI-102-300 Aviation Transportation F 9/06–12/14
BIO–106–300/305 Human Anatomy F 9/06–12/14
BIO–113–300/310 Biological Science Concepts F 9/06–12/14
BIO–114–300 Environmental Science Concepts F 9/06–12/14
BUS–101–300 Introduction to Business F 9/06–12/14
BUS–107–300 Business Law I F 9/06–12/14
BUS–209–300 Business Communication F 9/06–12/14
BUS–210–300 Principles of Management F 9/06–12/14
BUS–230–300 Global Environment of Business F 9/06–12/14
BUS–239–300 Entrepreneurship F 9/06–12/14
BUS–240–300 Human Resource Management F 9/06–12/14
CIS–173–300 PC Applications: Database F 9/06–12/14
CIS–175–300 PC Applications: Spreadsheet F 9/06–12/14
CMN-215-300 Communication and Gender F 9/06–12/14
COS–102–300 Computer Science I Algorithms and Programing F 9/06–12/14
COS-204-300 Discrete Mathematical Structur F 9/06–12/14
CRJ–101–300 Introduction to Criminal Justice F 9/06–12/14
CRJ-102-300 Police in the Community F 9/06–12/14
CRJ–105–300 Criminology F 9/06–12/14
CRJ–202–300 Criminal Law F 9/06–12/14
CRJ–206–300 Police Administration F 9/06–12/14
CRJ–211–300 Community Corrections F 9/06–12/14
CRJ–212–300 Juvenile Justice F 9/06–12/14
CSH-100-300/310 College Success Hlth Prof F 9/06–12/14
CSW–100–300/310/320 College Success & Personal Wellness F 9/06–12/14
ECO–103–300 Basic Economics F 9/06–12/14
ECO-111-300 Macroeconomics F 9/06–12/14
ECO-112-300 Microeconomics F 9/06–12/14
EDU–102–300 Introduction to Exceptional Children F 9/06–12/14
EDU–120–300 Early Childhood Education F 9/06–12/14
ENG–101–300/310/320/330/340 English Composition I** F 9/06–12/14
ENG–102–300/320/330 English Composition II** F 9/06–12/14
ENG–205–300 American Literature I F 9/06–12/14
ENG–216–320 Literature Into Film F 9/06–12/14
HIS-101-300 History Western Civil to 1648 F 9/06–12/14
HIS–102–300 History of Western Civilization Since 1648 F 9/06–12/14
HIS–105–300 United States History to 1865 F 9/06–12/14
HIS–106–300 United States History Since 1865 F 9/06–12/14
HIS–112–010 World History to 1500 F 9/06–12/14
HIS–113–300 World History Since 1500 F 9/06–12/14
HPE–101–300/310 Basic Concepts of Nutrition F 9/06–12/14
HPE–111–300/600/610 Living with Health F 9/06–12/14
HPE–113–310 Medical Terminology F 9/06–12/14
HPE-134-300 Prevention/Care Athl Injuries F 9/06–12/14
IST–101–300/310 Computer Concepts with Applications F 9/06–12/14
IST–102–300 Computer Concepts with Programming F 9/06–12/14
IST–109–300 Introduction to Programing F 9/06–12/14
IST–251–300 Managing Computer Technology F 9/06–12/14
IST–256–300 System Analysis F 9/06–12/14
LEG-129-300 Role of the Paralegal F 9/06–12/14
LEG-143-300 Family Law F 9/06–12/14
LEG-255-300 Legal Ethics F 9/06–12/14
MAT-037-300 Beginning Algebra F 9/06–12/14
MAT-038-300 Intermediate Algebra for STEM F 9/06–12/14
MAT-042-300 Foundation Math Non-STEM F 9/06–12/14
MAT-042-310 Foundation Math Non-STEM F 9/06–12/14
MAT-044-300 Foundation Math for Stem F 9/06–12/14
MAT-115-300 Algebra and Trigonometry I F 9/06–12/14
MAT-116-300 Algebra & Trigonometry II F 9/06–12/14
MAT–120–300 Mathematics for Liberal Arts F 9/06–12/14
MAT– 125–300/310/320 Elementary Statistics I F 9/06–12/14
MAT-126-300 Elementary Statistics II F 9/06–12/14
MAT-146-310 Pre-Calculus F 9/06–12/14
MAT– 151–300 Calculus I F 9/06–12/14
MAT-152-300 Calculus II F 9/06–12/14
MAT-251-300 Calculus III F 9/06–12/14
MAT-252-300 Differential Equations F 9/06–12/14
MKT–101–300 Principles of Marketing F 9/06–12/14
MKT–230–300 Principles of Retailing F 9/06–12/14
MOA–101–300 Medical Ethics & Office Procedures F 9/06–12/14
MOA–103–300 Medical Billing & Coding Procedures F 9/06–12/14
PBH-101-300 Principles of Public Health F 9/06–12/14
PHI–102–300 Introduction to Philosophy F 9/06–12/14
PHI–205–300/310 Moral Choices F 9/06–12/14
POL–101–300 American Political System F 9/06–12/14
PSY–101–300/310/320/330 Introduction to Psychology F 9/06–12/14
PSY–206–300 Child Development F 9/06–12/14
PSY–207–300 Developmental Psychology: Across the Life Span F 9/06–12/14
PSY–210–300 Abnormal Psychology F 9/06–12/14
PTA-112-310 Pathology for PTAs F 9/06–12/14
SOC–101–300/310 Introduction to Sociology F 9/06–12/14
SOC–107–300 Social Problems F 9/06–12/14
SPA–101–300/310 Beginning Spanish I F 9/06–12/14
SPA–102–300 Beginning Spanish II F 9/06–12/14
STU-090-300 Introduction Student Success F 9/06–12/14


Fall (10 weeks) F10

Section Course Session Notes
AVI-208-305 Aviation Seminar F10 10/04–12/14
BUS-101-305 Introduction to Business F10 10/04–12/14
CMN-112-305 Public Speaking F10 10/04–12/14
CMN-112-315 Public Speaking F10 10/04–12/14
CSW-100-305 College Success/Personal Well F10 10/04–12/14
CSW-100-315 College Success/Personal Well F10 10/04–12/14
EDU-109-305 Introduction to Education F10 10/04–12/14
ENG-101-315 English Composition I F10 10/04–12/14
ENG-101-325 English Composition I F10 10/04–12/14
ENG-102-315 English Composition II F10 10/04–12/14
ENG-202-320 Intro to Literature: Novel F10 10/04–12/14
HIS-102-305 History West Civil Since 1648 F10 10/04–12/14
HIS-106-305 United States Hist Since 1865 F10 10/04–12/14
HPE-110-305 Concepts of Health/Fitness F10 10/04–12/14
HPE-111-305 Living With Health F10 10/04–12/14
HPE-113-305 Medical Terminology F10 10/04–12/14
IST-101-325 Computer Concepts/Applications F10 10/04–12/14
PHI-205-305 Moral Choices F10 10/04–12/14
PSY-101-315 Introduction to Psychology F10 10/04–12/14
PSY-207-305 Developmental Psychology F10 10/04–12/14
SOC-101-305 Introduction to Sociology F10 10/04–12/14
SOC-101-325 Introduction to Sociology F10 10/04–12/14
SOC-107-305 Social Problems F10 10/04–12/14


Fall (7 weeks) F7A

Section Course Session Notes
BUS-107-305 Business Law I F7A 9/06–10/24
CIS-105-305 Excel Basics F7A 9/06–10/24
LEG-256-305 Career Development Law/Justice F7A 9/06–10/24


Fall (7 weeks) F7B

Section Course Session Notes
CIS-105-315 Excel Basics F7B 10/25–12/14
HPE-171-305 Personal Fitness F7B 10/25–12/14
LAS-201-305 Liberal Arts Special Topics F7B 10/25–12/14


* Fall 14 Wks. F session begins 9/06 and ends on 12/14; Fall 10 Wks. F10 session begins 10/04 and ends on 12/14. Please bear in mind these courses are subject to change at any time, also some start and end dates differ. Check your schedule to see your exact start and end date. If you have any questions about start and end dates for courses contact Admissions at 609-570-3228 or email at

If you have any questions regarding the classes, Orientation dates or username and passwords to access your online course please contact us at 609-570-3389, or email us at

If you are interested in enrolling in a class, please contact the Admissions office at 609-586-4800 ext. 3795, or visit the OneStop located on the second floor of the Student Center, room SC1Stop at the West Windsor Campus or room KC218 at the James Kerney Campus.