Tuition and Fees (Credit Courses)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mercer County Community College is temporarily suspending its requirement for tuition payment arrangements to be due at the time of registration. We encourage students to prepare for the Fall semester by reserving seats in the classes they need at the times they want. Payment plans are still available. And be sure to apply for financial aid now; it is best not to wait.

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Current Rates

Tuition and fees are established by the college Board of Trustees. Different rates apply to residents of Mercer County, other residents of New Jersey, out-of-state residents, and non-U.S. citizens. Tuition is charged on a per credit (or credit-equivalent) hour basis.

The college reserves the right to change tuition or fees at any time by action of the Board of Trustees.

In addition to tuition and fees, students are responsible for purchasing their books and supplies for classes.

FALL 2020

Credit Hours Mercer Resident Non-Mercer Resident1 Out of State /
1 190.75 242.25 337.75
2 381.50 484.50 675.50
3 572.25 726.75 1013.25
4 763.00 969.00 1351.00
5 953.75 1211.25 1688.75
6 1144.50 1453.50 2026.50
7 1335.25 1695.75 2364.25
8 1526.00 1938.00 2702.00
9 1716.75 2180.25 3039.75
10 1907.50 2422.50 3377.50
11 2098.25 2664.75 3715.25
12 2289.00 2907.00 4053.00
13 2479.75 3149.25 4390.75
14 2670.50 3391.50 4728.50
15 2861.25 3633.75 5066.25
Figures above include a $24.75 college fee
and a $25.50 technology fee applied per credit.
Mercer County Community College reserves the right to change tuition or fees at any time.

NOTE 1: If an out-of-county resident, consider chargeback tuition support.
NOTE 2: For tuition purposes, an international student is defined as someone who is not a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, refuge, or political asylee. The student must have a valid, unexpired INS documents and present them to the Student Records office.

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Residency Requirements

In-county tuition rates apply to students who have resided in New Jersey for 12 months and maintain a permanent residence in Mercer County. The college recognizes students in active military service as residents of Mercer County.

Students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States are charged out-of-state fees unless they meet certain legal status guidelines.

To appeal residency status, contact the registrar.

New Jersey Chargeback Program for Out-of-County Residents

New Jersey residents who live outside of Mercer County and wish to attend MCCC can apply for chargeback tuition support. Chargeback enables a student to pay in-county tuition rates. The difference in tuition will be paid by the student's home county.

Chargeback requests may be approved by home counties for the following reasons:

To apply for and receive a chargeback, the student must do the following: Once approved, chargeback eligibility will not be lost if the student's home county college establishes the same program in which the student already is enrolled at Mercer. Nor will it be lost if space becomes available at that college after the student has been turned away. Eligibility may be lost, however, if the student changes to a program which is being offered at his or her home county college.

Students who are unable to obtain chargeback assistance from their home county may still attend Mercer but must pay higher out-of-county tuition rates. Out-of-state students are not eligible for chargeback assistance.


College Fee
The college fee supports student activities, athletics, student publications, identification cards, and other college expenses that benefit students.

Technology Fee
The technology fee helps to offset the cost of college technological resources that support students' learning and related services.

Course Fees
In addition to tuition, most courses with laboratory, studio, or clinical components and/or open lab support have special fees which cover extra costs of equipment, supplies, or instruction. Most fees range from $20 to $80 per course; however, certain courses have higher fees.

A listing of course fees can be obtained from the Enrollment Services office on the West Windsor Campus and from the Student Services office on the James Kerney Campus.

Health Insurance Fee
Some programs such as Nursing require a health insurance fee. Check the program requirements to determine the amount.

Flight Training Fees for Aviation Technology
MCCC's Aviation Flight Technology A.A.S. degree program is designed to provide full private, commercial, and instrument flight training in as little as two years. Estimated annual training fees will vary depending upon program coursework required towards certification and licensing and are subject to change without notice.

Aviation Flight Technology students should anticipate average total flight fees of approximately $23,000 for 2018-19. Further information on flight fees and this degree program is available from the Aviation program coordinator in the Business & STEM division office.

Other Fees
A registration fee is charged to all credit students each semester to offset the college's registration system expenses. A graduation fee is charged when a student applies for certification that he or she has completed a degree or certificate program. A late registration fee is charged for course registration after the semester begins.

Payment and Refund Policies

Payment is due prior to the start of classes.

A one-time $35 Late Registration fee is charged beginning on the first day of each term.

Deadlines for refund eligibility and avoiding Late Registration fees:
Please note the dates specified in the academic calendars for each term.

Deadlines for course refund eligibility differ according to term length, as follows:

A course dropped anytime after refund eligibility for that course ends will be processed as a withdrawal. (See withdrawal information.)  No refund of tuition or fees will be made to a student who is withdrawn from a course by an instructor due to non-attendance or who is dismissed from the college for cause.

Please be aware that dropped classes or withdrawals can cause adjustments to any financial aid awards, resulting in a balance being due to the college for tuition.

Tuition Waivers

Pursuant to New Jersey law, certain persons who otherwise meet course requirements are permitted to enroll in credit classes at MCCC without payment of tuition, on a space-available basis, provided that tuition-paying students constitute the minimum number required to offer the course. All students are required to pay for books, materials, and fees in excess of tuition.

Senior Citizens
Mercer County residents who are 65 or older may enroll in courses without paying full tuition -- but paying all fees -- if seats are available in a class after paying students have registered. To take advantage of this opportunity, senior citizens must register in person at the West Windsor Campus or James Kerney Campus and pay the applicable semester fees.

Residents of other New Jersey counties who are 65 years of age or older have the opportunity to enroll in courses in which space is available. They pay only in-county tuition and applicable fees.

Unemployed Persons
Persons who are presently unemployed or have been seeking full-time employment during the past two years may be eligible to enroll in courses on a space-available basis without paying tuition. However, such students are responsible for paying any applicable fees and for covering expenses for textbooks and other class materials. Consult your local unemployment office.

National Guard Members
National Guard members who have completed Initial Active Duty Training and are members in good standing, or the children or surviving spouse of any National Guard member killed in the performance of his/her duty, may enroll for up to twelve (12) credits per semester without payment of tuition provided that they:

  • have applied for all State and Federal financial aid for which they are eligible;
  • have enrolled in a program of study and are in good academic standing.

    Volunteer Fire, First Aid, Rescue Squad Members
    Active members of volunteer fire or first aid and rescue squads who are members in good standing, and their dependent children and spouses, may enroll in courses of up to $300 in value per semester and $600 in value annually, up to a maximum of $2,400 over a four-year period, provided that they:

  • reside in a municipality that has agreed by the enactment of a resolution to participate in the program;
  • maintain a 2.00 grade point average throughout the program;
  • execute an agreement to continue service as a volunteer for a period of at least four years.

    For more details, contact your local fire company or rescue squad.

    Payment of Financial Obligations

    All tuition and fees are payable at registration. Students are responsible for obtaining the necessary funds before registering. Payment may be made online by credit card, or in person by cash or check.

    Students needing financial assistance should contact the Financial Aid office before registering. A Payment Plan is available for students needing to make monthly installments.

    No students will be enrolled, given transcripts, or graduated until they have fully paid all college accounts or have made satisfactory arrangements with the Accounting office.


    Fines are charged for overdue library books, parking violations, and misuse of lockers. Library fines are paid at the front desk of the Library, parking fines at the Accounting office, and locker fines at the Security office. More information can be obtained in the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities available at the Student Activities office.