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Academic Policies

Grading System and Appeals

Grades can be accessed by students via the MyMercer Student Portal at the conclusion of each semester. Students may access their grades online, privately and securely, at any time. Grade reports may also be obtained in-person at the Student Records office.

Grades earned are determined by instructors at the end of each semester or session and are recorded on the student's transcript which is maintained by the Student Records office.

Applicability to Courses

Grade Definition Nominal % QPA quality point value*
A  Superior Achievement 93-100 4.0
A-   90-92 3.7
B+   87-89 3.4
B  Above Average Achievement 83-86 3.0
B-   80-82 2.7
C+   77-79 2.4
C  Average Achievement 70-76 2.0
D  Minimally Passing 60-69 1.0
F  Academic Failure 0-59 0.0
S  Satisfactory (Comparable to C or Higher) 70-100  
NC  No Credit 0-69  
X  Audit    
TR  Credit by Examination or Experience    
W  Withdrawal – Student Initiated    
WI  Withdrawal – Instructor Initiated    
WA  Withdrawal – Administration Initiated    
WN  Withdrawal – Never Attended    
N  No Grade Reported by Instructor    
CIP  Course is Still In-Progress    
I  Incomplete – No Credit Earned
I indicates that the instructor is affording the student extra time to earn a grade in the course. The amount of extra time is determined by the instructor, up to a maximum of 16 calendar weeks after grades are submitted. An I which has not been resolved within 16 calendar weeks is changed to an F or NC grade, as appropriate to the course.
P  Pass*   0.0
NP  No Credit*   0.0
  *The Pass / No Credit options -- carrying no Quality Points -- apply to courses in the following Spring 2020 semester terms only: 2020S, 2020S10, 2020S7B, 2020S6B.


See also interpretations for earlier grading systems (Aug. 1986 through May 2013).

Quality Point Average

A student's Quality Point Average (QPA) for each semester is computed by:

The table below outlines a sample computation.

Grades in courses transferred from another institution are not included in computing quality points or averages. Credits earned by examination or for prior experience are entered on the student's transcript but do not affect the quality point average.

How to Compute a QPA

Course Credits Registered Grade Credits Attempted Point Value Quality Points
ENG 101
English Composition I
3 C 3 2 6
PSY 101
Introductory Psychology
3 A 3 4 12
BIO 101
General Biology I
4 B 4 3 12
HIS 101
History of Western Civilization to 1648
3 W -- -- --
HPE 110
Concepts of Health & Fitness
2 I -- -- --
OST 109
Keyboarding for Computer Users
1 F 1 0 0
TOTALS:   16   11   30
Quality Point Average (QPA) = (Quality Points)/(Credits Attempted) = 30/11 = 2.73

Grade Appeals

Any student may initiate an appeal of any course grade or related academic action or decision that affects the student's standing at the college. The procedure for appealing an academic action, decision, or course grade includes the following steps: