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Academic Policies

Granting of Associate Degrees

The college is authorized by the State of New Jersey to grant the Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, the Associate in Science, and the Associate in Applied Science degrees to regularly matriculated students upon successful completion of study. Each program contains a general education core consisting of courses in written and oral communication, mathematics, natural science, technology, humanities, and social science as well as required courses and elective courses.

Graduation Requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all graduation requirements:

Academic Foundation Credits

English composition, reading, and mathematics courses below the 100 level prepare students to succeed in college-level programs. To earn a degree, students must complete at least 60 credits in courses above this level.

Multiple Degrees

Students are permitted to earn multiple degrees by completing all requirements for each. Applying completed courses from one degree or certificate to fulfill requirements for another, however, requires approval from the Dean of the associated academic division.