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Academic Policies

Change of Program/Major

Students who are looking to change their major during their time at MCCC are required to fill out a change of major form. The change of major form can be obtained by talking with an Advisor (formerly Success Coach) or a Faculty Advisor as you begin the process.

The advisor will walk the student through what changing majors would look like, and what needs to be done to make the change. They will assist you in completing the form and then will send it to the Registrar's office for processing.

Any major change that is sent to the Registrar after the add/drop period has ended will be completed for the upcoming semester. If the form is filled out incorrectly, or is not completed, the Registrar's office may deny the major change request until the form is completed properly.

Auditing a Course

A student who wishes to attend a class regularly but does not wish to receive a grade or credit for the course may request permission to register as an auditor. To receive permission to audit, the student should meet all admission requirements expected of students enrolled in the course, including any course prerequisites and corequisites.

Permission to audit may be granted for the entire course or for separate sections of the course, such as the lecture, lab, clinics, or studio, as long as no credit is being sought for any part of the course.

Audit students must pay the same tuition and fees for the entire course as students receiving credit. Attendance requirements for auditors are determined by the course instructor. Intention to audit a course should be declared at registration and to the instructor in the first class session. The appropriate form must be completed and submitted during registration.

Changing from an audit to a credit basis during the semester is not permitted. Credit for audited courses cannot be established at a later date except by enrolling in the course for credit in a subsequent semester and satisfying all course requirements.

Independent Study

In addition to earning credits through formal courses, students may earn credit through approved independent study. Independent study is available for most but not all MCCC courses or for a specific plan of study in a course discipline.

Students plan specific activities and goals with the help of a cooperating faculty member and receive approval for their plans from the division administrator. The Independent Study Agreement Form is available from the Student Records office and from academic division offices. The student is responsible for bringing the approved form to the Student Records office for official enrollment purposes.

In general, independent study courses should correspond to standard college time periods so that registration and grading for them can be accomplished within a designated registration period. Should the student take longer than a semester to complete the course, the student will be given an "I" grade when semester grades are processed, subject to change upon completion of the course.

The following guidelines are applicable:

Permission for any exceptions to the above guidelines may be obtained from the responsible division administrator.

Independent Study Agreement and Registration FORM (fillable Word doc)