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Business Science Engineering Technology and Math (BSTEM) Division

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Name Position E-mail dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. Winston Maddox Dean 3485 BS132
Doris Geck Senior Executive Assistant 3482 BS134
Carrie Dockery Administrative Specialist 3657 LA171
Mary Murphy Administrative Specialist 3489 BS113
Alexandra Popescu Administrative Specialist 3484 BS130
Janien Rosenberger Administrative Specialist 3474 BS105
Dee Smith-Johns Student Advocate 3449 BS135
Geralda Aldajuste Faculty, Funeral Service 3866  5
Carlo Alfare Faculty, Chemistry / Laboratory Technology 3381 MS123
Kyle Anderson Faculty, Mathematics 3359 LA112
Alison Becker-Moses Faculty, Mathematics 3808 LA112
Frank Benowitz Senior Teaching Assistant, Hospitality 3579, 3203 BS116
Daniel Bielskie Faculty, Mathematics 3865 LA122
Harry Bittner Faculty, Electronics Engineering Technology 3751 ET130
Laura Blinderman Faculty, Biology 3833 MS110
Elizabeth Bondurant Faculty, Criminal Justice 3853 BS136
Kristen Callahan Faculty; Coordinator, Administrative Professional, Microcomputer Systems Administration, Microcomputer Applications 3216 BS126
Elizabeth Carr Faculty, Mathematics 3409 LA129
Dawn Cook Teaching Assistant, Biology 3868 MS230
Cavit Cooley Faculty; Coordinator Criminal Justice 3625, 3125 BS136
Eva Csige Faculty, Business Administration / Business Studies 3459 BS131
Michael Daley Faculty, Funeral Service 3472 BS105
Christopher dePagnier Faculty, Hospitality 3476 BS117
Michael Dorneman Faculty, Chemistry 3369 MS120
Barbara Dudycz Faculty, Automotive Technology 3783 MCVTS
Jason Evans Faculty, Automotive Technology 3776 MCVTS
Linda Falkow Faculty, Biology 3365 MS118
Douglas Fee Faculty; Coordinator, Hospitality 3447 BS116
Jamie Beth Fleischner Faculty, Mathematics 3807 LA121
Dr. Meimei Gao Faculty; Computer Science / Game Design and Programming 3483 BS120
Linda Gaylo Faculty, Biology 3380 MS118
Ellen Genovesi Faculty, Biology 3363 MS117
Michael Hanna Faculty, Advanced Manufacturing Technology 3828 ET110
Eugene Harris Faculty, Aviation   3436 BS110
Diane Hilker Faculty; Coordinator, Biology 3367 MS122
Kenneth Horowitz Faculty, Accounting 3468 BS123
Dr. Jingrong Huang Faculty, Physics 3429 MS119
Framarz Khoushab Faculty, Economics, Statistics; Coordinator, Business Administration 3448 BS124
Rachael Klaus Laboratory Coordinator, Biology 3334 MS233
Andrea Lynch Faculty, Business and Technology;
Coordinator, Center for Global Opportunities 3482 BS109
Dr. James Maccariella Faculty; Coordinator, Engineering Science / Civil Engineering Technology 3462 ET122
Josephine Mathias Faculty; Coordinator, Accounting 3441 BS123
John Nadig Faculty, Mathematics 3770 LA150
Patrick Natale Teaching Assistant, Biology 3374 MS227
Mary Ann Norcross Senior Technical Assistant, Chemistry / Medical Laboratory Technology 3364 MS345
Dr. Queen Okike Faculty, Information Technology; Coordinator, Programming 3464 BS117
Lois Owen Teaching Assistant, Biology 3137 KC409B
Betty Peterson Faculty; Coordinator, Mathematics 3421 LA156
Richard Porter Faculty, Mathematics 3826 LA129
Andrew Quinn Assistant Chief Pilot, Aviation 3436 BS110
Ronald Rabideau Greenhouse Manager / Instructional Support Staff 3512 HG
Donald Reichman Faculty, Mathematics; Coordinator, Computer Science 3857 BS120
Amy Ricco Faculty; Coordinator, Ornamental Horticulture / Plant Science 3372 MS124
Ami Rivera Faculty, Biology 3380 MS118
Dr. Daniel Rose Faculty, Mathematics 3893 LA174
Jonathan Rowe Faculty, Business 3479 BS125
Erin Rybicki Faculty, Legal Studies 3649 BS126
Arthur Schwartz Faculty, Mathematics 3761 LA161
Dr. Charlene Sharkey Faculty, Mathematics 3892 LA174
Dr. Ronald Smith Faculty, Biology 3395 MS108
Laura Sosa Faculty; Coordinator, Economics / International Business / Statistics 3475 BS124
Judith Stillwagon Faculty; Coordinator, Aviation 3487
Helen Tanzini Faculty; Coordinator, Chemistry 3349 MS133
Terry Voldase Faculty, Business Administration / Computer Science 3481 BS125
Jeffrey Weichert Faculty; Coordinator, Networking Technology 3347 ET130

Name Position E-mail dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below

Mercer County Fire Academy

James McCann Director 799-3245 Dempster
David Gayley Assistant Director 799-3245 Dempster
Helen Taylor Support Staff 799-3245 Dempster