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Work Study Program

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Finding a Federal Work Study Job

The Federal Work Study Program is a federally funded program for students who need financial assistance to help with educational expenses. The program provides a maximum of 14 hours of work per week when classes are in session and up to 28 hours of work per week during vacations.

To apply for the Federal Work Study Program:

  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid listing Mercer County Community College as a college you plan to attend.
  • Submit verification of all types of income and other requested documentation to the MCCC Financial Aid office.

To find a job on campus:

1. Verify that you have a federal Work Study award on your financial aid award letter.

If you do not have an award letter or would like Work Study added to an existing award, please e-mail, go to SC 206 on the West Windsor Campus, or call the Financial Aid office at 609-586-4800 ext. 3210.

2. Lists of available jobs are available at the Career Services offices on both the West Windsor and James Kerney campuses.

  • Be prepared to discuss your skills (keyboarding, Word, Access, Excel, filing, reception, customer service, computer or lab experience, etc.).
  • Also be prepared to talk about your availability. Most of the Work Study hours are during the day although some departments may need evening or weekend coverage. Be clear about when you can work.

Career Services (SC229 on the West Windsor Campus) has a phone available to call on-campus departments/community service agencies about Work Study employment.

If an on-campus department/community service agency that is not on this list wants to hire you, please come to Career Services or call 609-586-4800 ext. 3397 to discuss it.

3. If a department chooses to hire you, come to Career Services or call 609-586-4800 ext. 3397 or ext. 3304 for the three payroll forms (Work Study Employment Form, I-9 and W-4).

Pay rates:

    $7.25 per hour on-campus
    $8.00 per hour off-campus

A schedule of pay dates and payroll deadlines is available in the Accounting Office (AD 131) on the West Windsor Campus.

For more information e-mail or call 609-586-4800 ext. 3397.

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Guidelines for Work Study Students and Supervisors

Time Sheets

  1. Time sheets from on-campus student workers are due in Accounting each Friday afternoon. Time sheets from off-campus student workers are due in Career Services by Friday afternoon.
  2. On-campus student workers will initially use a blank space on an existing or new part time, time sheet provided by the supervisor. New ones are available from Accounting. After the first pay period, the student information will appear printed on all subsequent time sheets. Please fill in all of the required information accurately.
  3. Off-campus student workers will use the procedure in #2 above.
  4. The student must accurately record hours worked and present the time sheets weekly to the supervisor for approval.
  5. The supervisor is responsible for delivering the time sheets promptly to either Accounting (for on-campus student workers) or Career Services (for off-campus student workers).
  6. Student Workers are paid only for hours worked (i.e. not holidays, snow days, etc.).

Work Schedules

  1. Once a schedule has been agreed upon, the student will report for work and remain at work during all of the scheduled hours unless the supervisor grants permission for the student to leave early.
  2. The student will ask for work upon signing in, notify the supervisor when the work is completed and ask if there is any more work to do. It is ordinarily not acceptable to send student workers away during scheduled work hours unless the student requests to leave early or there is cause for such action.
  3. If there is no work to be done on occasion, it is acceptable for the student to study (in a location designated by the supervisor) while waiting for an assignment from the supervisor. The student may not be released to study elsewhere and record the hours on the time sheet.


  1. If a student will be absent, it is expected that the student will inform the supervisor as soon as possible.
  2. If the supervisor will be absent, and the student therefore will not be able to work as scheduled, the supervisor should notify the student in advance whenever possible.

Transfering to Other Departments

  1. Students are not usually permitted to change Work Study assignments during a semester without approval from their supervisor and Career Services.
  2. If either the student or the supervisor wishes to terminate the Work Study assignment, please contact Career Services at ext. 3304. An attempt will be made to resolve any issues and if necessary the student will be reassigned.

Please feel free to discuss any question or concern about Work Study with the Career Services staff in SC229. Thank you for your interest in the Work Study program.

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