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Library Procedures

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Borrowing Library Materials

Borrower Access Requirements

  • Students: must present a valid MCCCC ID card with current semester sticker.
  • Alumni: must present an alumni card obtainable from the Alumni Office.
  • Faculty/Staff: must present a MCCC ID card
  • County Residents: with proof of residence, the Library will issue a borrower card
  • High School Students: Must present a high school ID card and borrower request from school.
  • Participants in the VALE reciprocal borrowing program: signed application form from your home library and a photo ID
  • The College of New Jersey students: valid TCNJ ID
  • Educators: Teachers, professors, and other instructors at New Jersey schools, colleges, and universities may borrow videotapes and DVS from the library.
Loan Procedure

Type of Item Loan Period Renewals Limits Fines
Books 3 weeks 1 Any reasonable number can be checked out at one time. 10 cents per day (excluding Sundays and college holidays)
Compact Discs 3 weeks 1 5 items 10 cents per day (excluding Sundays and college holidays)
DVDs, Videos and Telecourses Students: 1 day

Alumni: 1 day

Faculty/Staff: As needed

High School Students: 1 day

VALE Borrower: 3 days

County Residents: are not permitted to borrow videos/dvds .

1 2 videos/dvds Videos: 1 dollar per day (excluding Sundays and college holidays)
Telecourses: 1 dollar per day (excluding Sunday and college holidays)
Reserves Material can not leave the Library except with special permission from the professor. 0 1 item at a time After 2 hours
25 cents per hour
Textbooks Material can not leave the Library. 2 hours in Library 0 2 books at a time After 2 hours
25 cents per hour

Items from the historical collection, the reference collection, periodicals, maps and microforms can not be borrowed.

Obtaining materials from other libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

When a needed item is not part of the college's collection, MCCC students, faculty, staff can request that the item be brought in from another library. Requests can be made online or at the library.

Alumni must use their own library for inter-library loans.

When requesting materials from other libraries, begin by:

Searching the Mercer County Community College Library online catalog.

Next JerseyCat, a state-wide system that allows NJ residents to search over 500 online library catalogs consisting of over 4 million items

Place an Interlibrary Loan Request with the MCCC library.

Materials obtained outside the Mercer County [Public] Library system may take from 2 weeks to a month or more to receive. You will be notified when the materials are available to be picked up. If you have a question or problem, please call 609.586.4800 ext. 3561 or email

Mercer County [Public] Library System (MCL)

Students, Faculty and Staff may search and order MCL materials online using the MCCC Library's online catalog.

You can have materials delivered to any of the MCCC campus libraries (West Windsor, James Kerney Campus, or Dempster Fire Training Center).

Deliveries are scheduled for Tuesday and Friday afternoons at the West Windsor Campus. JKC and Dempster requests are shipped from West Windsor upon receipt.


MCCC students, faculty and staff can search for and order materials online using JerseyCat.

Materials requested through JerseyCat will be delivered to the West Windsor Campus library.

Placing an Interlibrary Loan Request

If an item is not available in the MCCC online catalog or JerseyCat, you can still request needed materials by placing an Interlibrary Loan Request either online or in person at the college library.

The Library will then initiate a search to obtain needed items from outside the state of New Jersey free of charge for students, faculty, and staff.

Please note that some lending libraries may charge a fee.

Materials will be delivered to the West Windsor library.

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Telecourse Videocassette Loan Procedure

Telecourse videocassettes may be viewed at home or in the Library. Procedures for requesting a videocassette from the library are as follows:

  • Ask for the videocassette at the circulation desk at either West Windsor or JKC.
  • Always give the person at the desk the following information to ensure accurate and timely assistance:
    - Course Number
    - Course Name
    - Title of the Chapter you want to borrow
  • Telecourse videocassettes are for overnight use only.
  • Videos: 1 dollar per day (excluding Sundays and college holidays)
    Telecourses: 2 dollars per day (excluding Sunday and college holidays)
  • You may check out 2 videocassettes at a time.
  • You may renew a videocassette once either by telephone or in person as long as no one else has requested to borrow it.

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Use Privileges for the Library Open Computer Lab

Students Alumni Mercer County Residents
A valid MCCC ID card is required to use the open computer lab. A valid MCCC Alumni card is required to use the open computer lab. A valid MCCC County Resident card is required to use the open computer lab.

For more information, refer to the Procedure for Access and Use of Computers in the MCCC Library Open Lab.

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Login Instructions

To login to the online catalog to place a hold on an item, just click on LOGIN and enter the entire barcode located on your MCCC ID card. The PIN is the last 4 digits of the telephone number that is on file for you with the college. Then - in the window that opens, or to place a hold - just click on the Place Hold button.
NOTE: If there is no Place Hold button beside a title then it does not allow holds.

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Disclaimer for Library Links

  • Disclaimer for Content on linked sites: Mercer County Community College accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the Contents of any target site linked from this page.
  • Mercer County Community College reserves the right to alter, delete or remove Content without notice at its absolute discretion for any reason. The college reserves the right to block individuals who violate stated policies.
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