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Boyana Georgieva Read Story
Boyana Georgieva
Alumni '16 A.S., Criminal Justice


Alumna Boyana Georgieva Uses MCCC as a Platform for a Career in Public Service

In 2013, Boyana enrolled at MCCC, her eyes set on the Criminal Justice program. At 32 years old, and with a four and seven-year-old, Georgieva pushed herself to spark a career change that would benefit her and her family.

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Jason Lima Read Story
Jason Lima
Alumni ’17, A.S., Business Administration

Alumnus Jason Lima to Get Down to Business at J&J's Chicago Office

All of that hard work got attention at hiring time. "Of the 43 students participating in the program, J&J hired five of us full-time," he said.

Looking back on the past four years, Lima observes that it’s been a fulfilling journey, one that started at MCCC.

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Megan Serfass Read Story
Megan Serfass
Alumni ’18 A.A.S., Illustration

Art Alumna Megan Serfass Wins Best in Show at Mercer County Artists Exhibit; Show on Display Through July 8

Surprised, happy, excited. Oh, and jaw-dropping. That’s how Mercer County Community College (MCCC) alumna Megan Serfass ’18 (A.A.S., Illustration), of West Windsor, recalls reacting when her name was announced for the Best in Show prize at this year’s Mercer County Artists (MCA) Awards Reception on May 22.

Serfass’s award-winning painting, entitled “Goldfinches,” measures just 8” x 10,” but is vivid in color and rich in detail. It’s deceptively straightforward at first glance, until the viewer looks closer and realizes that the frame is part of the painting, appearing so real that it could easily be mistaken for a three-dimensional frame.

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Barri Deptula Read Story
Barri Deptula
Alumni ’16, A.S., Biology, A.S., Chemistry

Alumna Barri Deptula Calls MCCC Key to Advancement in Science Field

Deptula says she was instilled with a love for learning. "I really valued all of my science courses because of how well they were taught and how much I learned." She includes many names on her list of favorites: Diane Hilker (Biology), who encouraged her to apply for the Princeton internship, Dr. Laura Blinderman (Biology), Helen Tanzini (Chemistry), Dr. Ronald Smith (Biology), and Patrick Natale (Biology), among others.

Deptula notes that her Mercer professors also taught her life skills. "I've learned to time manage, be confident, and work hard. I apply these qualities to everything I do," she said.

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Savannah Dziepak Read Story
Savannah Dziepak
Alumni ’17 A.S., Biology

Savannah Dziepak Says "Science Holds the Promise of Solutions to Practically Anything"

Dziepak says MCCC was a logical first step in her college education. "I was still young for college. When I started, I was the youngest in all my classes. But classes were small and I came to realize that my professors were not scary. They were good teachers, they were helpful, and they wanted you to contribute and to ask questions," she said.

Recalling classes that were open and comfortable, Dziepak credits MCCC with being a true foundation for her future. "It's where I found my voice," she said. "I learned how to learn at Mercer."

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Charlie Eosso Read Story
Charlie Eosso
Alumni ’18 A.A.S., Automotive Technology

All Systems Go for Automotive Technology Grad Charlie Eosso

"I decided to pursue a college degree. The people I knew in the field with degrees were employed at a higher level, including as foremen. Getting your associate degree enables you to go further in your career and prepares you for transfer if you want to get a bachelor's degree."

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Stacy Harris Read Story
Stacy Harris
Alumni ’15 A.A.S., Information Technology

MCCC Provides Building Blocks for Stacy Harris' Career with Microsoft

Attending MCCC from 2013-15, Harris earned an A.A.S. degree in Information Technology and a Certificate in Network Engineering. Even after completing the requirements for her degree, she took two additional courses, Mobile App Development and a course in Java, to add to her skill set.

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Adrian Colon Read Story
Adrian Colon
Alumni ’12, A.S., Business/Television

Filmmaker and Comedian Adrian Colon Is Serious About Success

A Trenton native, Colon enrolled at MCCC in 2009 to study business. He excelled in his business courses, but was quickly drawn into the collaborative atmosphere of the Television Program. "Being on those production teams gave me the confidence to be the leader and take charge of a group."

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Ayodele Kanyako Read Story
Ayodele Kanyako
Alumni ’12 A.A., Liberal Arts/Social Sciences

Alumna Ayodele Kanyako Blossoms at Mercer En Route to Career as Social Worker

"Mercer's curriculum fit well with my goal to become a social worker. And, as a part-time employee, I was able to finish work and attend a class, or attend a class and then start work."

Kevin Ortega Read Story
Kevin Ortega
Alumni '16 - A.S., Biology, A.S., Chemistry

Alum Kevin Ortega Is All Business at Mercer as He Supplements Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

Having completed his bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Rowan University in May, he is now taking a full load of MCCC business classes to help him secure a job in pharmaceutical sales.

Ron Saunders Jr. Read Story
Ron Saunders Jr.
Alumni '14 - A.A.S., Radio/Television

Alum Ron Saunders Jr. Takes Storytelling to New Level with His L.A. Video Production Company, 'Cinema-Styles'

"At Mercer, I got the opportunity to learn by actually doing."

Latasha White Read Story
Latasha White
Commencement Student Speaker

Trenton Mother of Three Selected as MCCC's 2018 Commencement Student Speaker

As the mother of three sons, Latasha White of Trenton is considered a non-traditional student. White has not only proven that success can come at any age, but that adults are often guided by strong convictions and a sense of purpose that fuel that success.

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Allen Sondej Read Story
Allen Sondej
Alumni '94 - A.S., Criminal Justice

MCCC "Was the Start of Everything" for Professor, Attorney and Former South Brunswick Police Captain

"I'm a kid from Trenton, New Jersey. My high school teachers never pegged me to have a doctorate, or a law degree, or to even finish college, and I wouldn't blame them," Sondej said. "I came to Mercer and they didn't see me that way. They saw me as a college student and welcomed me."

Barbara Harrison Read Story
Barbara Harrison
Alumni - ’08, A.A., Liberal Arts

College Degree Opens Doors for Alumna Barbara Harrison, HR Professional at Capital Health Systems

As an MCCC student, Harrison worked full-time while raising two daughters. She was able to schedule her classes in the evenings, on weekends and online.

Matt Pittore Read Story

Matthew Pittore '08

A.S., Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Alumnus Matthew Pittore Credits MCCC with Pathway to State Park Police Career

Pittore says that reaching his career goal in state law enforcement began at Mercer. He chose MCCC primarily because of the outstanding reputation of its Criminal Justice program.

Nick Donnoli Read Story

Nick_Donnoli '08

A.A.S., Television

MCCC Is First Rung on Ladder That Leads to Video Production at Princeton for Alumnus Nick Donnoli

"I felt that Mercer's programs would not only prepare me for the future, but were also current with the latest trends and technologies,"