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Jack Lechner   NEWEST!
Funeral Service Alum Jack Lechner
Is New Superintendent at Arlington National Cemetery

"Mercer provided me with the start I needed. As I continued to advance to positions of greater authority and responsibility, I came to realize that I depended on everything I had learned along the way."

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Helen and Bill Plank   Alumni Bill and Helene Plank: Our Mercer Story
reflections by Helene Plank
Helene Plank and her husband Bill started their creative and personal journeys at Mercer, where they met and studied art together. Their retirement is proving a productive time for them individually and as an artistic team.

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Johnnie Palmer   Funeral Director Johnnie Palmer
Traces Career Success to Thorough MCCC Education

Palmer chose Mercer because it offered the only accredited program in the state. "My heart’s desire was to complete what I had started. Faculty members made sure we were prepared."

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Carlos Figueroa   Lifelong Journey for Carlos Figueroa
Begins With Chance Bus Ride to Mercer

"These experiences served me well, especially as a first-generation college bound-student, and later graduate at the highest levels. The people at Mercer are part of my biography."

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Dennis Guevara   Pianist Dennis Guevara Builds Career as Go-To Accompanist
"I took advantage of the opportunities I had at Mercer and I learned a lot. Mercer helped me succeed. It was the one-to-one relationships I developed with faculty that made the difference."

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Jeri Bogan Zielinski   ETS Senior Director Jeri Bogan Zielinski
Recalls Inspiring Start At MCCC

"It was a wonderful experience for this country girl to be going to college in Trenton. Community colleges are a wonderful resource and beginning for so many students in higher education.”

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