Catering Management

Certificate of Proficiency

The Catering Management Certificate of Proficiency prepares individuals to operate their own catering/ banquet business and to work effectively in the profession. Graduates have skills to coordinate the various culinary, artistic and business activities required to be successful in the catering industry. The program enables students to create successful menus for their customers, together with the ability to purchase and price supplies and services profitably.

Admission to the program requires a high school diploma or its equivalent.

  • Demonstrate a wide variety of culinary skills;
  • Develop cost-effective, customer-accepted menus;
  • Plan and organize a catered activity;
  • Apply safe and sanitary practices in preparing and serving culinary creations;
  • Assess the needs of and have the ability to purchase food and non-food supplies for the catering operation;
  • Practice legal and financial management aspects of catering;
  • Create high-quality food products with artistic designs;
  • Prepare a feasibility study and business plan;
  • Demonstrate management and organizational skills.

Small Business Management certificate program

2023-2024 Academic Year
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CIP 120504
Credit-bearing certificate programs can serve as gateways to earning an associate degree. Students are encouraged to consult the program coordinator, an academic advisor or Success Coach to explore such opportunities.
Code Course (lecture/lab hours) Credits
ACC 111 Principles of Financial Accounting (4/0) 4
HOS 100 Hospitality Success Skills (1/0) 1
HOS 101 Food Preparation I (1/4) 3
HOS 111 Culinary Math (1/0) 1
HOS 118 Sanitation and Safety in Food Service Operations (2/0) 2
HOS 203 Hospitality Purchasing (3/0) 3
HOS 267 Event Planning (3/0) 3
BUS 239 Entrepreneurship (3/0) 3
ENG 101 English Composition I (3/0) 3
HOS 102 Food Preparation II (1/4) 3
HOS 115 Food and Culture (2/2) 3
HOS 210 Applied Kitchen Skills – Cafe (1/4) 3
HOS 287 Hotel/Restaurant Management Internship 1