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Click here to see program description and course requirements for the program. Take PHO 101 B/W Photo and PHO 103 Digital Photo together in your first semester in the fall. If you are starting in the spring, take PHO 103 Digital Photo and DMA 110 Digital Imaging together.  These courses allow you to move into all of the other PHO and DMA courses.  PHO 101 and PHO 103 can be taken while you are taking foundation ENG courses and it is possible in some situations to get into DMA 110 while taking foundation ENG courses with the approval of Professor Dalton. (Certificate Majors should take PHO 103 and DMA 110 to get started.)

Fall Only Courses: PHO 101 B/W Photo, PHO 202 Studio Photo

Spring Only Courses: PHO 203 Photo II, PHO 251 Documentary Photo

Contact Professor Dalton for all academic advisement.

Notes From The Program Coordinator

Steps for Success:

  • Be on time – Lectures begin promptly and some of the most important information is covered in the first 20 minutes of class
  • Have a working Mercer Email – Announcements from Blackboard will be sent to your MCCC email account
  • Changes to assignments and other announcements are also emailed to your MCCC account through Blackboard or regular email.
  • Read the posted homework assignments before shooting the assignment – Don’t shoot from memory
  • Give yourself time to shoot it wrong so you can shoot it again before the deadline
  • Turn in assignments on time and fully completed
  • Make sure you are present for any tutorial or exam reviews and that you take good notes
  • Weigh the needs of your current job against your need to have a better job someday


The photo program has Film and Digital loaner cameras for all of the classes, but I do recommend that photo majors purchase a Digital Camera if you can afford one. Wait until you start taking classes before purchasing a camera. Digital cameras must have fully manual exposure controls.

Film Supplies:

You will receive a starter kit, including a camera loan, in PHO 101 Black and White Film Photography. You will also be required to purchase some supplies after the kit materials are used up. If you have financial aid, the supplies can be purchased in the bookstore using those funds. Otherwise, I recommend NY Camera of Princeton. The cost of supplies will be around $60.00.

Wait until after your first day of class before purchasing any supplies.


All of the film and digital photo, the photo history, and digital media courses use free online tutorials and downloadable documents. Everything is explained on the first day of class, so there is no need to purchase before then.

Academic Policies

Academic Calendar and Graduation Deadlines and Forms

Michael Chovan-Dalton
Coordinator of Photography
Office - FA102
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