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The Radiography program combines courses in general education and radiography with supervised clinical experience in area hospitals. Graduates are eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist Examination in Radiography to become nationally certified and licensed by the State of New Jersey.

The program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT), 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, IL 60606; 312-704-5300 ...and the New Jersey Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners. Graduates are employed by hospitals, clinics, diagnostic imaging centers, and the offices of private physicians.

  • Apply the essential skills to perform diagnostic radiographic procedures competently as entry-level radiographers;
  • Communicate effectively in a health care facility;
  • Apply effective critical thinking to problem solve;
  • Exercise values and attitudes consistent with professional practice.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent with one year of laboratory physics and two years of academic mathematics. Students who have not completed these courses within the last five years may fulfill this requirement by completing Basic Algebra (MAT 034) and Fundamentals of Physics (PHY 109).

In order to be accepted into the professional phase of the radiography program, the student must have completed all basic skills and ESL courses and be eligible to enroll in college-level English and mathematics. Students must be at least 18 years of age by January of their first year in radiography courses. Enrollment in the professional phase of the radiography program is limited, with priority given to radiography science students who have completed Anatomy and Physiology courses (BIO 103 and 104), Elementary Statistics I (MAT 125), and Fundamentals of Physics (PHY 109).

Details regarding the acceptance procedure are available on the college website and may be obtained by contacting the Enrollment Services office or the Health Professions division.

Prior to enrollment in first semester radiography courses, students must obtain a physical examination to include immunizations and lab analyses from a licensed practitioner, and complete a criminal background check. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists has the right to determine eligibility for certification with regard to misdemeanor and felony convictions and violations of academic integrity. The New Jersey Radiologic Board of Examiners has the right to determine eligibility for licensure. For additional information, contact the Radiography program coordinator.

2023-2024 Academic Year
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The course sequence below represents a recommended example of how this degree program can be completed in two years, presuming a Fall Term start and satisfaction of all Developmental Studies (foundation courses) requirements and prerequisites. Actual approaches toward completion depend on each student's anticipated transfer institution, career objectives, or other individual circumstances.

Students are encouraged to meet regularly with an academic advisor or Success Coach to consider options, establish plans, and monitor progress.

Code Course (lecture/lab/clinical hours) Credits
BIO 103 Anatomy and Physiology I (3/3) 4
ENG 101 English Composition I (3/0) 3
MAT 125 Elementary Statistics I (3/0) 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (3/0) 3
BIO 104 Anatomy and Physiology II (3/3) 4
ENG 102 English Composition II (3/0) 3
PHY 109 Fundamentals of Physics (2/2) 3
  —    — General Education elective
  • Select PHI 204 or 205, or course from Diversity and Global Perspective general education category.
RAD 102 Introduction to Radiography and Patient Care (1/2) 2
RAD 119 Principles of Imaging Science I (2/0) 2
RAD 127 Radiographic Procedures I (3/3/210) 6
RAD 120 Principles of Imaging Science II (2/2) 3
RAD 128 Radiographic Procedures II (2/3/225) 6
RAD 117 Radiation Protection and Biology (2/0) 2
RAD 207 Clinical Experience (0/0/225) 2
RAD 217 Advanced Imaging Modalities (3/0) 3
RAD 228 Radiographic Procedures III (2/3/340) 7
RAD 224 Introduction to Pathology (2/0) 2
RAD 232 Imaging Equipment and Radiography Seminar (3/2) 4
RAD 240 Advanced Clinical Experience I (0/0/340) 3
RAD 242 Advanced Clinical Experience II (0/0/225) 2
NOTE: RAD 127, 128, and 228 require 30 minutes each week for competency testing in the laboratory.
NOTE: Students must earn a minimum grade of C+ in BIO 103, BIO 104, MAT 125, PHY 109, and all RAD courses. A minimum grade of C is required in all other general education courses.