Let Us Help

We are providing all of these services remotely!

Individual and group counseling

We provide individual and group counseling to students onsite in Trenton's middle schools and high school campuses. Individual counseling is also available at our office.

Career exploration

We help youth and adults to identify careers of interest by having them complete an Interest Inventory.

Academic advisement and educational planning

We provide academic advisement to Educational Talent Search participants who are completing secondary school to ensure that they take the courses needed to graduate from high school. We help students who want to attend post-secondary education to identify colleges and programs of study. We also help those who have left college without completing their program of study to re-enroll.

College entrance examination preparation

We help students and adults to identify application deadlines and complete their college applications. Applicants can complete a paper application or they can complete an online application.

SAT/ACT and college application fee waivers

We provide fee waivers for the SAT and ACT. We also provide fee waivers for college applications. This is a substantial financial savings.

Admission and financial aid counseling

We help students and adults through the financial aid application process. We provide workshops at Trenton Central High School, Trenton Central High School West, and the James Kerney campus so that applicants are more knowledgeable about the process and the types of aid available.


We provide math tutoring for our participants.

All services are free!