Web Design
Web Design
Certificate of Proficiency

The Web Design Certificate prepares students for positions as web designers, web animators, and interactive art directors – positions most often found in interactive multimedia studios, advertising agencies, and design firms. It also prepares students for advanced study in interactive media design.

  • Design an architectural plan for a website;
  • Use professional software applications to create a website with advanced design and content;
  • Use professional software to create interactive games and educational modules;
  • Use professional software to edit digital video and audio;
  • Use design principles to create web pages that communicate effectively;
  • Use the principles of user interaction and usability to create user-friendly websites;
  • Create websites that are accessible to and serve a variety of different user needs and technologies;
  • Successfully develop and present ideas in both written and oral formats;
  • Create a professional portfolio to serve in the pursuit of further education or employment.

Digital Media Arts degree program
Mobile and Web Computing certificate program

2020-2021 Academic Year
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CIP 500402
Credit-bearing certificate programs can serve as gateways to earning an associate degree. Students are encouraged to consult the program coordinator, an academic advisor or Success Coach to explore such opportunities.
Code Course (lecture/lab hours) Credits
ART 125 Topics in Contemporary Art (3/0) 3
DMA 105 Introduction to Computer Art (1/4) 3
DMA 110 Digital Imaging I (1/4) 3
ENG 101 English Composition I (3/0) 3
  —    — Web Design elective
  • Select from ADV 110, 210; DMA 140.
DMA 135 Digital Narrative (1/4) 3
DMA 144 Internet Tools and Techniques (1/4) 3
DMA 145 Web Design I (1/4) 3
DMA 245 Web Design II (1/4) 3
DMA 246 Web Design III: Advanced Project (1/4)  
  OR 3
DMA 290 Digital Media Arts Internship  
DMA 250 Digital Portfolio Seminar (1/4) 3