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Center for Retention & Completion  (CRC)

Advisement and Success Coaching

Empowering Students to Succeed






“Everything we spoke about helped me very much. I am now very excited and eager to see what college has to offer.”
    - MCCC Student

“My [CRC] coach has been so helpful. She has informed me about everything I need to know in order to be successful.”
    – MCCC Student


“I am an enthusiastic faculty supporter … they work with the students and give them the support and directions they need to overcome personal and academic challenges and succeed in my courses.”
    ~ Associate Professor, Liberal Arts


“Coaches have been helpful with retention of students who were not successful in previous attempts. They worked with them for time management and study strategies to aid the student in success. One student even got a B after working with a [CRC] coach!”
    ~ Professor, Health Professions


“Connecting with your Student Success Team is a key element in reaching your goals … whether you are a new student seeking information and guidance during your transition to college, or an established student facing challenges, your personal advisor or success coach will work with you individually to provide support and connections to campus resources.”
    ~ Counseling Specialist, Ctr. For Inclusion, Transition, and Accessibility

“They are extremely creative with identifying alternative options and viable solutions, ones that might not be so readily apparent.”
    ~ Military and Veterans Services