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Center for Retention & Completion  (CRC)

Advisement and Success Coaching

Empowering Students to Succeed


How We Can Help


Students Are Always Our First Priority
Mercer’s Center for Retention & Completion is comprised of professional advisors and success coaches who view each student as a whole person with different academic, personal, and career goals. When you walk through our door – in person or virtually – we strive to transform your college experience by providing individualized attention.

The CRC team’s goal is to build relationships and trust with our advisees through genuine and authentic interactions. We ask students questions about their goals and help them create a plan for success in college and beyond.

Benefits of Working with the CRC Student Success Team
Every day, we meet with students just like you to help guide them on their pathway to academic success. As a Mercer student, you will receive personalized attention. We can help with academic and study skills; time management; choosing a program of study and creating an academic plan, connection to college resources; and strategies for academic and future success.

Workshops & Events
Each semester, we host and teach a variety of workshops and events designed to help you gain valuable skills. In the past, workshop topics have included Meet and Greet Events, Time Management, Having a Growth Mindset, Managing Test Anxiety, and Using Student Planning. Be on the lookout for information around campus and on our website about new and upcoming events.

Center for Retention and Completion


Why should I meet with a CRC advisor/success coach?
Students meet with us for a variety of reasons.

  • Academic Planning and Advisement
  • Success Strategies
  • Program of Study questions
  • Professor or faculty advisor referrals
  • Academic or personal concerns
  • College resources/activities info

Also, many students pop in or meet with us to talk about the good things that are happening for them!

Do I still need to meet with my professors and faculty advisor?
Absolutely! We do not take place of your professors or faculty advisors. If you are having trouble in specific classes or your program of study, we will refer you to those experts first.

What if I’m struggling in a class?
Always speak with your professor first thing! Then, schedule an appointment with a CRC Success Team member to learn about success strategies and campus resources that can help. Don’t forget about our workshops!

Should I meet with a CRC Student Success Team Member if I’m feeling anxious or depressed?
If you’re feeling sad, anxious, or depressed, please reach out to us. Coaches are not licensed therapists or counselors, but we can put you in touch with Mercer’s Counseling Center. Services are free to all students. As always, if you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Appointments are preferred so that you can receive our full attention; however, you can always drop-in, email, or call us. Click here to schedule an appointment.