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Center for Retention & Completion  (CRC)

Advisement and Success Coaching

Empowering Students to Succeed



  • Academic Restart (PDF) - (MS Word)
    Students who have had a previous academic experience at Mercer and have a GPA of less than 2.0 may apply for an Academic Restart after a period of non-enrollment of at least three (3) years.
  • Change of Major (PDF) - (MS Word)
    If you are a new or current student, and thinking about changing your Program of Study, please meet with a CRC advisor/success coach or your faculty advisor to discuss the prospective program and your eligibility.
  • Charge Back Form (PDF)
    If your home-county community college does not offer one of our programs, or a class that you need is full at your home-county college, you can complete and submit this form for possible monetary credit from your county.
  • Leave of Absence (PDF)
    If you are a matriculating student, you may apply for a leave of absence for periods not to exceed two years and may return to matriculated status without applying for readmission. No official leave of absence will be granted to a student who has any financial obligations to the college.
  • Withdrawal (Online form)
    If the deadline for the drop/add period has passed, and you would like to unenroll from a course, you must complete a withdrawal form. Please meet with a CRC advisor/success coach or your faculty advisor to discuss your situation and learn the impact a withdrawal may have on your pathway to graduation and financial aid.
    Refer to the academic calendar for withdrawal deadlines: Academic Calendar
  • Demographic Change (MS Word)
    If your demographic information needs to be updated -- including phone and email address -- please complete this form. You will need to show identification, proof of the change (driver's license, electricity bill, marriage license, etc.), and your student ID.
Center for Retention and Completion