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Honors Recognition Reception

Event Date: 10/28

Scholarship Impact

Angel Agyeman Speech

A Message to Our Donors

We first conceived our Donor Recognition event as a way for MCCC donors to meet grateful scholarship recipients. While we eagerly await a return to in-person gatherings, we are taking this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to our Foundation donors and to remind them how much their gifts mean to our students. Especially in the era of COVID-19, when Mercer students have been hit especially hard financially, the role of our supporters is key to their future.

Our students are a diverse group, ranging in age, backgrounds and long-term goals. But they share common strengths: a desire to learn, a willingness to work hard, and the hope for a brighter future. Many of them juggle multiple responsibilities, working full- or part-time while attending school. Some have families to support.

Although Mercer is the most affordable option for higher education in our region, many students simply cannot afford the cost of college. Over half of our students who apply for financial aid do not qualify. These students may face unforeseen obstacles that stretch their resources to the breaking point.

Last year, the Foundation was able to award over $800,00 in scholarships. That means more of our students were able to stay in school, concentrate on their studies, and reach their goals. Close to 1,700 students completed their degrees during the pandemic and will continue their education at four-year colleges or join the workforce in critical areas like health care and technology.

I invite you to view the donor appreciation videos on this page. Spoken from the hearts of our students, the message is clear: Your gifts are a lifeline. Your gifts change lives.

With sincere gratitude,
Dr. Jianping Wang
MCCC President