MCCC to Offer Professional Development Through FranklinCovey All Access Pass


WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – Though the coronavirus pandemic continues to loom over the United States workforce, Mercer County Community College (MCCC) is helping its employees prepare for future job prospects, on campus and beyond.

Starting in May, Mercer’s Human Resources Department began offering the FranklinCovey All Access Pass Professional Development Course. Founded in 1984 as FranklinQuest by Richard I. Winwood, FranklinCovey has since bloomed into an internationally acclaimed organization. Many of its offering are centered around the 1989 book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which FranklinCovey acquired in 1997.

MCCC’s decision to offer the leadership program stemmed directly from staff and faculty feedback.

“We received feedback from faculty and staff saying that HR had plenty of training on compliance issues, but not enough on skill building,” said Barbara Basel, Vice President for Human Resources.

The training comes at excellent time – as the college has shifted to a remote work setup during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FranklinCovey program will highlight leading remote teams.

Comments during the FranklinCovey orientation sessions lauded the college’s venture into the program. Attendees commended the program’s ease of use while acknowledging the positive impact it will have on developing the campus community.

About 100 staff and faculty members are partaking in the FranklinCovey program, for which they were nominated by the Vice Presidents of their respective divisions. While Mercer has designed its course around preparing its work force for leadership roles at Mercer, those taking the course will have complete access to FranklinCovey’s entire database.

“The college is investing in its workforce through the FranklinCovey program,” Basel said. “This access will run through February 2021, so we hope our staff will take full advantage of both the structured courses and everything else the pass has to offer.”

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Staff from both the West Windsor and James Kerney Campuses will have access to the college's FranklinCovey professional development course.