The Importance of Athletic Scholarships at Mercer County Community College


More than half of all Mercer County Community College (MCCC) student athletes receive financial aid. In any given year, the MCCC athletics department awards upwards of $130,000 to its student athletes across its 10 teams.

Why is student athlete need so great?

According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2016 nearly 30 percent of students attending two-year colleges did so in poverty. That outpaces the percentage of impoverished students attending other post-secondary institutions, save for private, for-profit colleges. 

Though Mercer offers competitive tuition prices at a fraction of the cost of four-year universities, student athletes are still pressed to find ways to pay for their education. Every MCCC student athlete attends classes full time. Coupled with the rigors of a full-time athletic schedule, which includes daily practices, games, and travel, student athletes are limited in their ability to work to pay for their educations. 

Thus, athletics scholarships at Mercer County Community College are key in helping student athletes earn their education. 

Athletic Scholarships Save Students Money

Unlike some forms of financial aid, athletic scholarships do not need to be paid back. As long as students maintain eligibility – usually based on criteria like academic performance or pursuit of a specific program – they remain qualified for their scholarship. 

Athletic scholarships are no-strings-attached financial aid. They support tuition costs, which comprise the bulk of students’ financial need. Additionally, they can be combined with other forms of financial aid to create a comprehensive package of student support.

Athletic Scholarships Help Athletes Compete

Riding the bench is an unspoken rule of college athletics. At four-year schools, many athletes don’t make the regular playing rotation until their junior years. 

However, at MCCC, student athletes are expected to be team contributors from the moment they sign on to play. 

Many Mercer athletes earn regional and national awards in competition, further attracting the eyes of coaches and scouts at higher levels. By starting their college athletics career at MCCC, student athletes are simultaneously earning an education while making a case to play at the NCAA level.

Athletic Scholarships Save Student Athletes Time

Receiving an MCCC athletic scholarship is a commitment to education. The majority of MCCC student athletes finish their Mercer athletic careers having earned an associate’s degree in their chosen field of study. 

When students enter their four-year college or university with an associate’s degree, they are proving that they are dedicated to their education. Finishing coursework at Mercer means student athletes save time (and money) taking classes after they transfer. 

The future may be uncertain, but access to a quality education should always be available to Mercer students. By supporting Mercer County Community College athletics scholarships, you are helping students embark on and achieve goals that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. 

To learn more or to support Mercer athletic student scholarships, visit our Foundation website.

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