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Mercer County Community College's Physics option of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program prepares students to enter the junior level of a baccalaureate degree program leading to careers in the fields of physics and engineering.  more

Program Outcomes
  • Understand the basic laws and principles of physics and engineering;
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of scientific instruments through hands-on laboratory experience;
  • Exhibit strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills;
  • Communicate effectively both with the scientific community and the general public.
Dr. Jingrong Huang, Professor
Office - HS111
state-of-the-art learning tools
Thanks to federal CARES Act funding, we are conducting online experiments using the world's most state-of-the-art instruments and technologies. It's like the Disney World of physics laboratories.
Physics Lab
Physics Club
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Brandon Shipley MCCC Physics
Brandon Shipley MCCC Physics
Race car winners in our PHY115 and PHY215 class.
Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie Sportsman Feature Winner Brandon Shipley at New Egypt Speedway on April 24, 2021.

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