Except for Summer Session classes at on-campus locations as designated, MCCC is operating remotely until the Fall Semester, with the physical West Windsor and Trenton campuses currently closed except for those classes and other college-sanctioned activities.

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October 6, 2020
from Dr. Jianping Wang, President

COVID Alert NJ App

Dear MCCC Community,

I am writing to let you know about a new mobile app launched by the State of New Jersey designed to alert users to potential exposure to COVID-19. “COVID Alert NJ” is intended as a tool to supplement the effort to trace and contact individuals subject to a COVID exposure. The free mobile app notifies users of potential COVID-19 exposure while maintaining user privacy and security.

It is available to anyone 18 or older who lives, works or attends college in New Jersey, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is free and secure, and users’ identity, personally identifying information, and location are not collected.

The COVID Alert app will notify users if they have been in close contact—within six feet for at least 10 minutes—with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and who also uses the app. Proximity is measured, but not geographic location. COVID Alert users must choose to turn on exposure notifications—and can turn them off at any time.

The COVID Alert NJ app will work in conjunction with similar apps in Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania, allowing New Jerseyans to continue to receive exposure notifications when exposed to residents of those states. If a New Jersey resident travels to one of those states and is exposed to someone with COVID-19 who has an equivalent app, the New Jersey resident will receive a notification.

Knowing about a potential exposure can help individuals quickly make a plan to stay safe, including contacting their physician or the State Health Department hotlines to get more information about quarantining and testing to prevent community spread.

I hope you will consider signing up to better protect you and your family. Thank you!

Dr. Jianping Wang

June 2, 2020
from Dr. Jianping Wang, President

Dear Mercer Family Members,

As we work hard together to fight the coronavirus pandemic, we are once again shocked by the senseless death of yet another African American man—Mr. George Floyd. Our nation is deeply divided at the time we need to be united to care for one another and to bring our economy and communities back.

It is important that we stand together to make our statement and to defend our American values of equality and justice for all. But it is even more important for us to do what we can to uphold those values. Each of us has a unique opportunity and obligation to make our mark during this very challenging time of our life. We do not have the luxury to wait for someone to lead us. Each of us must act now.

At Mercer County Community College, we promote equality and justice by empowering all through education. We stand in solidarity with those who condemn intolerance and acts of violence in all its forms. We are proud to serve as a beacon of hope, a source of strength, and a resource for those working toward a better future for themselves, for our community, and for our great state and nation.

In the coming days, we will be working with our community partners to find ways to unite our communities and bring hope to those who need it most. I welcome your ideas and suggestions. Together, we will overcome this challenge and emerge stronger and more united. History will judge us. So let us make it right for our future generations.

Dr. Jianping Wang

Symptom Tracker & Campus Access Request Form

The MCCC Symptom Tracker form is based on the CDC symptom tracker. This form must be completed prior to coming to campus each day by everyone. Based on your answers, an automated response will be delivered to your email granting you access or requiring you to stay home.

The form is REQUIRED of each member of our campus community to fill out no later than 3 hours before coming to campus, and no more than 12 hours before your anticipated arrival on campus. This information will only be used for potential contact tracing efforts, and your private health information will not be shared with anyone. While on campus, please continue to practice social distancing where possible, continue to practice good hygiene, wear your REQUIRED face covering at all times. If you feel ill while on campus, please leave immediately or call the emergency line at extension 3200 if you need assistance. Since on campus college operations are limited to hybrid instruction only, please plan to arrive shortly before your class and leave immediately afterwards. There will be no spaces available for studying or gathering on campus.

MCCC Symptom
Tracker form