Ask any social media director, marketing or advertising director, production director, art director, entertainment lawyer, radio personality, film critic, publicist... What is the #1 skill in their field?


Whether you are in the market for a specific communication career path, or a broader degree for transfer to a four-year institution, Communication can be the right fit! Not only is our degree designed to be transferable, including those core courses common to most four-year programs, there's also room to explore, so students can customize their elective path. Here you will discover highly qualified, motivated, nurturing faculty who designed their courses with real world experience, student leadership opportunities, and the state-of-the-art tools to build your portfolio!

Communication majors develop lasting friendships, build a strong network of future contacts and often end up collaborating on exciting projects with fellow alum long after they have finished the program. With the close-knit family feel you’ll find lacking at many four year schools, Communication majors know their professors and their professors know them. We take the time to find out about you, and your biggest of dreams!

While you are taking courses, you will get an opportunity to immerse yourself in any of the exciting Communication Program projects and activities that happen year round such as:

  • Serving as talent or production staff for your own TV show
  • Creating your own fundraising event or club activity
  • Training as an editor, journalist or staff photographer
  • Participating in a national communication conference
  • Hosting your own live radio show
  • Appearing on a talk show or recording a live news interview
  • Writing your own newspaper advice column
  • Learning how to coordinate a photo shoot, or talent audition off campus

Unlike attending a four-year school, our majors don’t have to wait years to get an opportunity to be a leader, hold real-life responsibilities or use that creativity and talent they’ve got built up inside. Our students plunge right in. You will be meeting new people, sharing exciting memories with new friends and building your impressive resume almost immediately!

Mitchell Canter
Associate Professor / program coordinator
Office - ET118

Full-Time Faculty

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