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Introduction to Voiceovers REMOTE   

Explore the voiceover industry! Discover current trends, opportunities, and tools you need to find success. Read a real script and receive coaching from your instructor, a professional voice actor, to improve your delivery. Onetime, 90 minute, one-on-one, video-chat class!

This individual 90 minute class will now be scheduled for a date and time upon enrollment and will be scheduled based on the availability of the student.

Requirements: Students must have Internet Access and Video Chatting capabilities using a method such as: Zoom, Skype (Win/Mac/Mobile) or iChat/FaceTime (Mac/iOS). 

NCCOM-CS006-01 / cost: $50

Dates  open enrollment                  Time   90 minutes

Sessions  1              Instructor   Voices for All

Day  TU      NOTES         

Play the Guitar like a Pro-Beginners   REMOTE 

As a remote class you'll be given personal one on one instructions. And given online videos for you to practice and refer to anytime. Learn the basics of playing a guitar. Traditional approach teaches note reading, while professional guitarists use chords. Here you will learn all the chords you need to play any song. Thousands of students nationwide have learned to play the guitar using this method and are now playing their favorite songs. It's easy, fun and will have beginners playing the guitar within an hour. All skill levels welcome. A guitar is required


NCMUS-CS001-01 / cost: $190 

Dates    TBA                 Time  10:00am-12:30pm

Sessions     6            Instructor     Chris Peary

Day    SA           NOTES         20% senior discount eligible

Safe Pesticide Use for the Homeowner and Gardener (REMOTE) 

Homeowners who garden and/or maintain lawns face the issue of chemicals (pesticides; fertilizers; soil health) and how to handle them safely. Some consider all pesticides as “poisons” to be avoided at all costs; others may be cavalier in the handling and applying of such products. Both extremes ignore the fact that there is a depth of science that provides guidance to safe use of garden and lawn chemicals. We will cover the history of pesticide use, the basics of toxicology, what is risk assessment and how this informs homeowners on the use of chemicals, pesticide products, safety considerations as well as references for further review.  Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: knowledgeably purchase chemicals; handle these chemicals in a safe manner; store unused chemicals safely; and discard unused chemicals in a way that is environmentally friendly.  

NCPER-CS050-01 / cost: $200 

Dates:   May 10-May 24          Time 6-8pm  

Sessions 5                          Instructor Elliot Gordon, PhD, DABT 

Day M, W                       NOTES    20% senior discount eligible

Learn to Play the Harmonica!  REMOTE   

Play music anytime and anywhere with this convenient and portable instrument! This course is perfect for anybody interested in learning how to play harmonica. From a basic scale to an all-out jam session. Playing harmonica is challenging but so much fun. After this class, you should feel comfortable playing some solos or even jamming with the band. No music background is required. All students must bring a harmonica in the key of C to the first day of class.  

NCMUS-CS005-01 / cost: $175 

Dates May 8 - Jun 26             Time 9:30-11am

Sessions  7                     Instructor  Stu Sternbach 

Day Sa                      NOTES  No class May 29   /   20% senior discount eligible