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Personal Trainer Certification Course - Hybrid

Virtual lectures + In-person practical skills labs

Get all the information needed to start an exciting fitness career & become a Certified Personal Trainer.  Turn your fitness passion into a profession with the ONLY IN-PERSON hands on practical skill labs in the industry.  Our NCCA Accredited program is even approved for 3 college credits towards a degree.  The scheduled virtual lectures are led by one of our 5 star teacher/presenters.  Topics will cover 15 hours on anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition and more.  The in-person practical skill labs allow you to role-play and review essential “hands on skills” to master assessing clients, stretching, warm ups/cool downs, exercise analysis and programming design.  The course includes the national test vouchers ($450 value) and extra access to our online video enhanced CPT course to review lectures and labs at no extra cost!  W.I.T.S. 30-hour optional employer internship (Level 2 Certification) helps walk you into jobs who very much value our unique certification.  At the end of the course all graduates get a local employer list of employers that we work with each year.  We are all about your success and the tools we give you will help you reach that goal.

Required Textbook: (Sold Separately)

Howley, Edward T. and Thompson, Dixie L. 2017. Fitness Professional’s Handbook. 7th Edition. Publisher: Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. The e-book costs $70 and the cost for the hard cover version is $89, plus $15.95 for shipping, and must be purchased by the student. Amazon Prime also has a rent a book set up. Check it out and save $. Order either version here

NCFIT-CS002   / cost:$791
DATES   Jun 4-Jul 9 TIME 10:00am-5:00pm   INSTRUCTOR WITS

NOTES  self-paced Bonus Optional Lab w/ GOLD or BYE weekend –  Jul 2, 2022

Virtual LIVE lectures with in-person practical skill labs to learn through experience – Bonus online course access! 

National Exam Date– Jul 16

Group Fitness Certification Course - Hybrid

 (Virtual lectures + In-person practical skills labs)

2 Certification Levels – One Price

Level 1 – Pass both Written Exam & Practical Skills Exam | Level 2 – Be a Level 1 CPT & Complete the 30 Hour Internship.

This 5-module hybrid certification is like no other in the fitness industry. The online virtual lectures are with a top teacher in the field to break down all of the key information to understand exercising and body reactions. Lectures will cover the essentials of group exercise history, music, choreography, safety techniques, as well as basic applied science specifically relating to group strength, cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility. The in-person practical labs will help you to develop skills for leading any group in an exciting safe routine. The practical labs will expand into skill development for functional training, sports conditioning, circuit, boot camp, dance, step, kickboxing and equipment-based class techniques. A mind-body overview in Yoga & Pilates will cap it off so you can incorporate this knowledge into sections of your classes.

Required Textbook (Sold Separately)

62 Hours - 62 – CECs Total

NCFIT-CS003  / cost: $791

Dates Open Enrollment

Sessions 6          Instructor WITS


Medical Fitness Specialist GOLD

(All online including final exams)

This 30-hour certification (30 CECs) is an advanced certification for fitness professionals and other types of health occupations like therapists. If you are ready to take the next step in your career and offer new services to a wide variety of clients, then this program will prepare you to succeed. You will learn in this challenging exercise course the core essentials of helping clients with specialized chronic illness. You will be able to practically apply the knowledge in programming safe and effective workouts. Nothing is more rewarding than working with the medical community to do great things for people with special medical issues. This MFS Level 1 Certification includes a written core exam and a practical case scenario exam to demonstrate operational safe and effective competency.

Required Textbook (Sold Separately)
ACSM’s Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities-4th, American College of Sports Medicine Geoffrey Moore J. Larry Durstine Patricia Painter, © 2016

30 CECs

NCFIT-CS004 / cost:$791

Dates Open Enrollment

Sessions 6          Instructor WITS

Senior Fitness Specialist GOLD

 (All Online including the final exam)

2 Certification Levels

Level 1 – Written Exam | Level 2 – Be a Level 1 CPT & Complete the 20 Hour Internship

Get the training and education you need to serve the fastest growing fitness population in the US. This course includes 9 hours of ONLINE lecture, 9 hours of ONLINE practical training preparation and test vouchers ($250 value) to test at any of our college approved sites. Passing both exams will award you a Level 1 Older Adult Fitness Specialist Certification. This unique specialist certification provides you with the specific knowledge and practical skills you’ll need for working with older adult clientele. Learn what common ailments and physical conditions are germane to this special population and how to design age appropriate, fun and functional exercise programs

Required Textbook (Sold Separately)
Rose, D. (2019). Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults (2nd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

20 Hours - 20 CECs

NCFIT-CS005  / $499

Dates Open Enrollment

Sessions 6          Instructor WITS

Youth Fitness Specialist Certification GOLD

(All online including the final exam)

Physical education programs are being cut from school budgets and young people, more than ever, are in need of structured, supervised exercise and fitness programs. This nationally recognized certification course includes – 9 hours of classroom education (online), 9 hours of hands-on practical training (taught over 3 days), and written and practical testing (4 hours total for testing). Students who successfully complete this course will receive their Youth Fitness Certification, and have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to design effective and appropriate age (7-11yrs, 11-14 yrs, 14-18 yrs) programs for a growing market.

22 W.I.T.S. CECs

Required Textbook: Youth Strength Training: Programs for Health, Fitness and Sport. 2009.
Authors: Faigenbaum and Westcott
ISBN-13: 9780736067928

Available from the following vendors: Human Kinetics or Amazon (new and used)

NCFIT-CS006 / $499

Dates Open Enrollment

Sessions 6          Instructor WITS

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching Certification GOLD

(All online including the final exam)

The most successful fitness professionals know that their clients’ success depends on making significant lifestyle and behavior change. It’s not enough to create an exercise program, but you must also develop a relationship based on trust, understanding, and respect, in which you are able to communicate, motivate, and support your client towards reaching their goals. This class will help you develop the skills to do just that, to be more effective as a personal trainer, and most importantly, to help your clients achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. This interactive course includes 9 hours of instruction and 2 hours testing; and will teach you the skills of successful coaching and allow you to practice and build confidence in your coaching relationships. 11 hours-  20 W.I.T.S. CECs

 Required Textbook: (Sold Separately): Lifestyle Wellness Coaching - J. Gavin and M. Mcbrearty
© 2018
Paper Book 267 pages
ISBN-13: 978149255963

NCFIT-CS007  / cost: $499 

Dates Open enrollment

Sessions 6        Instructor WITS


Fitness Management Certification

This certification course prepares students to practice at the management level in the field of fitness.  The course topics include history, membership sales and retention, business skills, managing staff, operational practices, facilities and equipment, budgeting and finance, and other important topics relevant to successful management of a large or small facility. Students who successfully complete the online classroom education and exam will receive their nationally recognized W.I.T.S. Fitness Management Certification. 36 Hours – 36 W.I.T.S. CECs

Required Textbook (Sold Separately)

NCFIT-CS008  cost: $499

Dates Open enrollment

Sessions 6        Instructor WITS


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