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Power Civics: Leadership & No-Blame Problem-Solving Certificate

Self-paced, auto-graded course, taking 10 hours to complete

Description :

Are you frustrated with government? Are you worried about the political blame game and the inability of leaders to keep pace with pressing problems? This course will teach you the ten steps of No-Blame practical problem-solving, proven successful in the venue of local government. This method has been applauded by respected government and business leaders alike for its applicability in all venues. You will also learn how to get in the game of government problem solving. Learn the rules of the game, the positions you can take, and how to score with proven solutions. And while you're at it, earn a Certificate in Leadership and No-Blame Problem-Solving.

It’s the 21st century: we can’t wait on the sidelines and expect government officials to keep pace with solving every problem. You’ve voted, maybe you’ve protested, but you can do much more. You can get in the game, using your common sense and financial awareness, and propose solutions that government officials -- or corporate executives -- will be excited to adopt.


Course Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate solutions to determine if they are practical, evidence-based, and cost-effective
  • Use No-Blame Problem Solving in professional contexts such as government, the corporate world, nonprofit advocacy, and/or your personal life
  • Recognize your right to access public records and participate in government decisions at local power centers
  • Identify roles you can take in your city to offer solutions and leadership without running for office


Course Code: NCBUS-CS093-01

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