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Team With MCCC for Business and Workforce Success

In these challenging times, we are here to help the business community!

Mercer County Community College maintains a long tradition of serving the essential needs of local businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies.

Whether to start, rebuild or improve a business, Mercer offers a wealth of programs to meet your business needs.

Center for Continuing Studies

Mercer Institute
Mercer Institute designs and delivers custom training and development programs that help corporate and community organizations address a range of strategic challenges.


Please reach out to us -- Jennifer Kaklamanis ( or Julia West-Johnson ( -- so we can match your interests with our programs. Additionally, Mercer Institute has unique opportunities for minority and veteran-owned businesses. We also will make space available for students in need with reduced or free tuition.

Below are 2-hour courses offered by Mercer Institute virtually to businesses across Mercer County.
Reigniting Your Team
The road to reopening your business has not been an easy one. During their time out of the office many of your employees have suffered tragic losses, battled mental health issues and become disconnected from your customer and business as a whole. In this 2 hour webinar you will learn the 5 things you can do now as a leader to reignite your employee’s passion for your business.
Enhancing Your Online Communications
Effective communication is a necessary skill in the workplace and is essential for building relationships and achieving outcomes. This workshop will help professionals identify their natural communication style and understand the benefits and challenges that come with each approach. Participants will gain an understanding of all four major communication styles and learn how to adapt their natural style according to the audience’s needs.
Setting and Accomplishing SMART Goals for Small Business Owners
One of the biggest challenges for a small business owner is how to work “on” their business and not just “in” their business. In this workshop, small business owners will learn from a seasoned Human Resources leader how to work smarter and not harder in their business by setting and accomplishing SMART goals which lead to big rewards (even if you are the only employee).
Business Writing
A significant amount of business communications occurs via email. Yet, writers may be challenged to get the results they seek. In this course, we will cover techniques to strengthen your correspondence by focusing making your messages clear, concise, correct, courteous, and contemporary.
Stress Management
This stress management program is designed to enable participants to identify the stress in their lives, understand how these stressors affect them, and to learn a variety of coping strategies. Topics include discussing the difference between stress management and stress reduction as well as monitoring measuring what works and what does not.
Marketing in a Digital Environment
Digital marketing is a strategy that allows you to promote products and services on the internet. With most people now turning to the internet for shopping, digital marketing is a critical approach for sustaining and building businesses. In this session you will learn concepts and strategies that will compliment traditional marketing or prepare the business for a full transition to digital marketing.
Zoom Etiquette
Video conferencing is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Whether using Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, or Teams, it is important to present yourself professionally and avoid embarrassing faux pas. In this interactive course, we will cover tips and tricks for using the various platforms, screen sharing, participant management, security, chatting, and settings. Be prepared to use your webcam to create a full experience.
Meaningful Virtual Meetings
This session teaches ways to make meetings more engaging and to increase the participation of meeting attendees. The program teaches how to plan, prepare, and facilitate a meeting without lecturing or dominating the meeting. Several examples of active participation techniques are presented with explanations of how to apply these techniques in the participants own meetings.