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Programs for Academic Services and Success (PASS)

Programs for Academic Services and Success is a comprehensive College Wide Retention Services (CWRS) program that fosters academic achievement and persistence. PASS develops and implements programs, activities, and practices that enhance student success and retention. Focused efforts are designed to enhance success among at-risk students, especially those participating in the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program. PASS is committed to fostering the academic and social development of students.


  • Identify and examine barriers to student success.
  • Design strategies that promote the academic and social integration of at-risk students into the college community.
  • Initiate assessment processes which assist in identifying affective skills of students.
  • Design and implement supplemental instructional activities that assist students in achieving success in "High Risk Courses."
  • Implement programming that provides at-risk students a broad range of activities that nurture growth and development.
  • Recommend college-wide policies and procedures that promote student success and persistence.

  Academic Advisement   Leadership Development
  Career Development   Pre-Freshman Summer Academy
  Counseling   Supplemental Instruction
  Cultural Enrichment   Transfer Activities
  Grants and Scholarships   Tutoring

PASS & You

If you are thinking about going to college but aren't sure you can afford it, or if you think your high school preparation may not be good enough, PASS is perfect for you! PASS recognizes that not everyone has the same educational or financial opportunities. It also recognizes that educationally or financially disadvantaged students can do very well in the college, if they are given the chance.

How Do I Apply?

Click here to download the application form to submit (pdf file).
Complete the form and send to the address below.

     Mercer County Community College
     Dr. Khalida I. Haqq, Director
     1200 Old Trenton Road
     West Windsor, NJ 08550

Applications can also be found in the PASS office and in the admissions offices at WWC and JKC.

Dr. Khalida I. Haqq, Director
WWC Student Center 238
JKC Room 324
(609) 586-4800 ex. 3423

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Educational Opportunity Fund

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) is a state funded program designed to increase access to higher education and to promote success for New Jersey residents who lack the financial and educational resources required for pursuit of post-secondary education.

The mission of Mercer's EOF program is to recruit students who, despite a background of historical poverty and poor academic preparation, exhibit the potential, motivation and desire to excel in a challenging and supportive educational environment. EOF will help those students develop skills and abilities that prepare them to persist toward associate degrees and/or certificates and to continue to achieve their academic, personal, and career goals. Moreover, EOF will encourage and help students to become leaders on campus and in their communities and to join the workforce as capable, productive citizens who contribute to our cultural diverse and technological world.

  • Assessment
  • Career Development
  • Counseling
  • Educational Enrichment
  • Freshman Seminar
  • Grants
  • Leadership Development
  • Orientation
  • Pre-Freshman Summer Academy
  • Recruitment Outreach
  • Transfer Activities
  • Tutoring

If you would like to be considered for the EOF program, you must complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid. To qualify for the program, the total gross income in your household cannot exceed particular levels, to determine if you qualify, contact us at

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College Wide Retention Services (CWRS)

PASS strives to ensure that all students attending Mercer County Community College maintain good academic standing and continue to pursue their educational goals. Through Retention Services, all students are provided with the opportunity to take advantage of our College Success Seminar (CSS 101), counseling, advisement, and tutorial services at Mercer's Learning Center, and our peer mentoring program.

Furthermore, the Academic Alert System gives advance notice of students who are not performing well, and the Academic Status Appeal process allows students who have not demonstrated sufficient academic progress an opportunity to improve through the services we provide.

  • College Success Seminar is a fifteen-week course that helps students acquire the skills necessary for academic and personal success in college and beyond. Emphasis on self-assessment, self-management , goal-directed behavior, information literacy, and effective study habits, as well as relevant information concerning college resources. Also enables students to become more aware of the culturally diverse campus population.

  • Academic Alert System is a process used to monitor first-year student progress in courses and a tool for faculty to request follow-up services for students experiencing difficulty in class.

  • Peer Mentoring is a service group that helps incoming students adjust to the academic environment.

  • Academic Status Appeals Process gives students on Academic Warning, Academic Probation or Academic Dismissal an opportunity to appeal their status. Students are able to review extenuating circumstances that created obstacles to success with a professional staff member and create a plan to re-establish academic good standing.

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