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Documentation Guidelines

To receive accommodations based on a learning disability, ADD/ADHD, psychiatric disability or some chronic health problem, students must submit documentation which is current, relevant and complete. It should include the credentials of the evaluator as well as a clear statement identifying the disability and its current impact on the student. All letters must be printed on letterhead and must include the evaluator's name, title, credentials, the date of the evaluation and signature of the evaluator.

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Learning Disabilities

Educational and/or psychological evaluations performed by a qualified professional such as a licensed psychologist, school psychologist, neuro-psychologist or learning disabilities specialist are appropriate for validating learning disabilities. The reports must identify the battery of tests administered and provide the scores.

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A letter from a physician, physician's assistant or other qualified professional with the diagnosis clearly stated will be deemed appropriate documentation for ADD/ADHD.

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Hearing Disabilities

Verification of this disability in the form of a formal signed letter from any one of the following is acceptable:

  • audiologist
  • DVR counselor
  • Katzenbach School for the Deaf (or a similar educational institution).

    If audiometric results are submitted as documentation, they must be accompanied by a narrative interpretation.

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    Visual Disabilities

    Verification of this disability in the form of a formal signed letter from any one of the following is acceptable:

  • a physician whose specialty is eyes
  • DVR counselor
  • Commission for the Blind caseworker

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    Medical Conditions

    Students must present a letter from a physician indicating how the condition impacts a major life function.

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    Documentation Guidelines for those seeking protection under Section 504 and the ADA for Psychiatric Disabilities

    All requests for accommodations based on psychiatric disabilities MUST be supported by an evaluation conducted by a qualified professional such as a:
        Licensed psychologist
        Relevantly trained medical doctor
        Clinical social worker
        School psychologist
        Psychiatric nurse practitioner

    The evaluation MUST include a clear and specific diagnostic statement and a DSM V classification code. Definitive language should be used and terms such as “it appears, is consistent with, suggests, may indicate” should be avoided.

    The statement must be typed on professional letterhead, signed and dated. It must also contain the title and credentials of the evaluator.

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