New Acquisitions - September 2003

New Books

Call Number Author Title
B 3376 .W564 E37 2001 Edmonds, David Wittgenstein’s poker: The story of a ten minute argument between two great philosophers
BQ 4022 .E35 2002 (WW&JKC) Eckel, Malcolm David Buddhism: Origins, beliefs, practices, holy texts, sacred places
DA 485 .O47 1999 (WW&JKC) Olsen, Kirstin Daily life in 18th-century
DP 66 .P53 1999 Pierson, Peter The History of Spain
DS 146 .E85 W45 2003 Weiss, John The politics of hate: Anti-semitism, history and the Holocaust in modern Europe
DS 463 .M224 2002 McLeod, John The history of India
E 161 .C85 2002 Cullen, Jim Art of democracy:
E 184 .A1 W96 2002 (JKC) Wynter, Leon American skin: Pop culture, big business and the end of white America
E 185 .D63 2003 (JKC) Dodson, Howard Jubilee: The emergence of African American culture
E 185.18 .W66 2003 Wood, Peter H Strange new land: Africans in Colonial America
E 185.6 .A76 2003 Arnesen, Eric Black protest and the great migration: A brief history with documents
E 185.625 .T38 2003 (JKC) Tatum Beverly Daniel Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria
E 302.6 .F8 M86 2002 Morgan, Edmund Sears Benjamin Franklin
E 475.55 .W54 1992 Wills, Garry Lincoln at Gettysburg: The words that remade America
E 840.5 .P68 H36 2002 (JKC) Harari, Oren The leadership secrets of Colin Powell
F 1226 .K57 2000 Kirkwood, Burton The History of Mexico
F 350 .A1 H46 2003 Hendrickson, Paul Sons of Mississippi: A story of race and its legacy
G 95 .F74 2003 Fritze, Ronald H New worlds: The great voyages of discovery, 1400-1600
H 62 .A1 N4 no.97 2003   The practice-theory relationship in evaluation
HA 29 .D386 2000 Derr, Janice Statistical consulting: A guide to effective communication
HD 6072 .G55 2003   Global woman: Nannies, maids and sex workers in the new economy
HD 9999 .U53 U54 2003 Laderman, Garry Rest in peace: A cultural history of death and the funeral home in twentieth century America
HF 1746 .Z37 2000 Zarate Ruiz, Arturo A rhetorical analysis of the NAFTA debate
HF 5381.5 .V45 I56 2003 Halloran, Edward J Careers in international business
HF 5381.5 .V45 N87 2003 Sacks, Terrence J Careers in nursing
HF 5382.5 .C37 C37 2003 (JKC) Paradis, Adrian A Careers for caring people and other sensitive types
HF 5382.5 .C37 F54 2003 (JKC) Greenspon, Jaq Careers for film buffs and other Hollywood types
HF 5382.5 .C37 T72 2003 (JKC) Plawin, Paul Careers for travel buffs and other restless types
HF 5382.5 .C37 W74 2003 (JKC) Bly, Robert W Careers for writers and other s who have a way with words
HF 5382.7 .G74 A77 2003 Camenson, Blythe Great jobs for art majors
HF 5382.7 .G74 B87 2003 Lambert, Stephen E Great jobs for business majors
HM 1106 .W43 2003 Weber, Linda R Social construction of trust
HQ 1410 .C59 2002 Collins, Mary Essential daughter: Changing expectations for girls at home, 1797
HQ 536 .A546 2003   The American family
HQ 76.5 .C37 2002 Caramagno, Thomas C Irreconcilable differences?: Intellectual stalemate in the Gay
HQ 767.5 .U5 M353 2002 MariAnna, Cara Abortion: A collective story
HV 6431 .D97 2001 Dyson, Wiliam Terrorism: An investigator’s handbook
HV 6773 .L55 2002 Lilley Peter Hacked, attacked and abused: Digital crime exposed
HV 8195 .A2 R45 2000 Reiner, Robert The politics of the police
HV 8699 .U5 D52 2002 (WW&JKC) Diaz, Joseph The execution of a serial killer
HV 9104 .M55 2001 Miller, Jody One of the guys: Girls, gangs, and gender
HV 9304 .P464 2003 Petersilla, Joan When prisoners come home: Parole and prisoner reentry
HV 9950 .W35 2001 Walker, Samuel Sense ands nonsense about crime and drugs
JC 591 .H37 2002 Hargreaves, Robert First freedom: A history of free speech
JK 1726 .R73 2003 (WW&JKC)   Republic on trial: The case for representative democracy
LB 1776.5 .T496 2003 (JKC) Thomas-EL, Salome I choose to stay: A black teacher refuses to desert the inner city
LB 2326.3 .A1 N4 no.116 2003   Reporting higher education results: Missing links in the performance chain
LB 2328 .A1 N4 no.121 2003   The role of the community college in teacher education
LB 2342.9 .A1 N4 no.100 2002   Student affairs and external relations
ML 400 .E63 2002   Roadkill on a three-chord highway
ML 410 .C327 S83 2002   Stardust melody: The life and music of Hoagy Carmichael
ML 419 .E95 H53 2002   Castles made of sound
ML 419 .L58 G56 2002   Blues with a feeling
N 6763 .J66 2003 Jones, Malcolm The secret Middle Ages: Discovering the real medieval world
NK 9112 .W33 2001 Wahlman, Maude Southwell Signs and Symbols: African images in African American quilts
PE 1408 .T47 2002 (WW & JKC)   Everything grammar and style book
PR 4037 .P74 2001 Austen, Jane Pride and prejudice
PS 3515 .U789 Z48 2002 Hurston, Zora Neale Zora Neale Hurston: A life in letters
QA 21 .B47 2002 (JKC) Berlinghoff, William P Math through the ages: A general history for teachers and others
QA 276 .S69 2000 Spurrier, John D The practice of statistics: Putting the pieces together
QA 93 .G45 2002   Real-life math
QR 46 .B27 2003 Bakalar, Nicholas Where the germs are: A scientific safari
TK 5105.888 .M366 2003 Mann, Anthony T .Net web services for dummies
TK 7885.54 .M48 2002 Meyers, Michael All-in-one A+ certification exam guide
U 408.5 .H69 2003   Barron’s How to prepare for the ASVAB: Armed services vocational
U 408.5 .O88 2002   ASVAB: Armed services vocational aptitude battery

New Reference Books

Call Number Author Title
BF 1407 .M34 1994 (21 volumes)   Man, myth and magic
GV 741 .E76 2003 (WW&JKC)   ESPN Information please sports almanac 2003
HA 203 .A217 2002   County business patterns United States 2000
HQ 1127 .S25 2001 (JKC)   Encyclopedia of women in the ancient world
HV 6787 .C58 2002   City crime rankings: Crime in metropolitan America
K 48 .L44 2002   Legal systems of the world: A political, social and cultural
KFN 1877 .N485 2001   New Jersey professional’s handbook
LB 1060 .L383 2002 (JKC) Levine, Melvin D A mind at a time
LB 1771 .F45 2003 Feistritzer, C Emily Alternative teacher certification: A state-by-state analysis
LB 1771 .N37 2000   The NASDTEC manual
LB 2337.4 .P475 2003   Peterson’s scholarships grants and prizes, 2003
LC 1046 .E28 P4   Peterson’s vocational and technical schools: East
LC 5805 .P48 2002   Guide to distance learning programs 2003
PE 1404 .T43 2003   Teaching academic writing: A toolkit for higher education
PN 21 .D5 2003 (v.279)   American Philosophers, 1950-2000
PN 3365 .N68 2003 (v.17)   Novels for students
PN 3373 .S3845 2003 (v.17)   Short stories for students
QH 302.5 .M382 2003 (WW&JKC)   McGraw Hill dictionary of bioscience
QM 23.2 .M85 2000 Mullins, David F The illustrated guide to anatomy and physiology
Z 732 .N6 D57 2003   Official directory of New Jersey Libraries and Media Centers

New Professional Collection Books

Call Number Author Title

New Dempster Fire Center Materials

Call Number Author Title
GV 840 .S78 S83 1974 Strykowski, Joe Diving for fun
HE 1779 .N277 1983   Emergency evacuation procedures
HF 5549.5 .A34 1975   Manual for affirmative action regulations
HV 555 .U6 E535 1983   Basic skills in effective communication
HV 6431 .M37 2002 Marks, Michael E The emergency responder’s guide to terrorism
HV 6431 .T473 2002 (Video)   Terrorism: 1st response
HV 6432 .E44 1997   Emergency response to terrorism
KF 5701 .A73 B82 1989   1987 BOCA national mechanical code
QA 402.5 .C49 1979 Churchman, C. West The systems approach
RA 645.5 .E53 1992   Emergency incident rehabilitation
RA 645.5 .M35 1994   Make the right call
T 55.3 .H3 M3 1977   Hazardous materials reference manual
T 55.3 .H3 M4 1978 Meidl, James H Flammable  hazardous materials
T 55.3 .H3 N56 1987   NIOSH pocket guide to chemical hazards
TA 403 .M7 1947 Moore, Herbert F Textbook of the materials of engineering
TA 403.8 .M375 1954   Materials and processes
TA 460 .G76 1954 Grover, H J Fatigue of metals and structures
TG 260 .S5 1941 Shedd, Thomas Clark Theory of simple structures
TH 2278 .S85 1982   Fact file on fire doors and frames
TH 9111 .A4 2001 (Video)   Fires that changed the Fire Service: Hidden hazards
TH 9115 .F57 1969   Fires and fire operations
TH 9115 .N28 1978 Steele, Charles Hutchins Guide to fire fighter qualifications training programs
TH 9116 .N28 1983 (Ref)   The 1983 fire almanac
TH 9119 .C686 1996   The complete preparation guide. Firefighter New Jersey
TH 9123 .O94 1988   Overcoming barriers to public fire education
TH 9128 .L42 1993   Leadership in public fire safety education
TH 9145 .G56 1972 Gratz, David B Fire department management
TH 9145 .P25 1973 Page, James O Effective company command for company officers in the professional fire service
TH 9151 .B37 1974   Basic Fire Fighters Training Manual
TH 9151 .F57 1966   Fire department basic training manual
TH 9151 .F57 M37 1940   Firemen’s training course
TH 9151 .K5 1968 Kimball, Warren Young Fire attack-2
TH 9151 .P45 P46 1958   Philadelphia Fire Department fire training manual
TH 9151 .T74 1959 Dovgala, Thomas J The Trenton New Jersey Fire Department Manual of Instruction
TH 9157 .C58 N93 1982   Civil service test preparation firefighter training manual
TH 9157 .F523 1984   Fire reference notebook
TH 9157 .F525 2003   Firefighter exam
TH 9157 .F525 2003   Firefighter exam
TH 9157 .M87 1985 Murtagh, James J Barron’s how to prepare for fire fighter examinations
TH 9157 .N28   Firefighter
TH 9158 .F47 N97 1986   Firefighter: Safety and survival
TH 9158 .I58 1997   Introduction to volunteer emergency services management
TH 9181 .N49 1993   Firefighter injury report
TH 9182 .F57 F58 1997   Firefighter injury project investigation report: Firefighter suffered respiratory arrest as a result of smoke inhalation
TH 9182 .F57 T47 1997   Firefighter injury project investigation report: Three firefighters injured while recharging a pressurized water fire extinguisher
TH 9182 .F57 T86 1997   Firefighter injury project investigation report: Two firefighters injured due to exposure to a refrigerant gas
TH 9182 .F57 T861 1997   Firefighter injury project investigation report: Two firefighters injured in a fire with reported missing persons
TH 9271 .C67 1978   Cost/benefit analysis
TH 9271 .F57 1992   The FIRECOM breakthrough
TH 9271 .G36 1984   Fenwal automatic fire detectors
TH 9310.5 .B87 1979 Bush, Loren S Introduction to fire science
TH 9310.8 .M36 1993   Managing company tactical operations
TH 9311 .N3 1945   A manual for auxiliary firemen
TH 9311 .N49 1966   A manual for auxiliary fire fighters
TH 9311 .N93 1951   Basic training of an auxiliary fireman
TH 9360 .W47 2003   Wesco training towers
TH 9362 .B78 1974 Bryan, John L Fire suppression and detection systems
TH 9383 .N3 1964   Operating fire department aerial ladders
TH 9445 .E43 F57 1981   Fire and electricity
TH 9445 .F35 1966   Rural fire defense plan
TH 9503 .C669 1982   Code enforcement and fire protection
TH 9503 .J63 1978   Assessment of the potential impact of fire protection systems on actual fire incidents
TH 9504 .N49 L39 (1999-2002)   Lawrence Road Fire Company: Years in review
TH 9504 .N52 N49 1980   New Jersey fire department identification number
TH 9504 .N52 U63 1998   Uniform fire code enforcing agency listing
TH 9505 .A1065 F5 1966   Fire lieutenant’s and captain’s handbook
TH 9505 .C4 L57 1972 Little, Kenneth Chicago Fire Department engines
TH 9505 .J504 F57 1994   Firefighter fatality report 411 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey
TH 9505 .N493 1996   Firefighter fatality/injury report
TK 4255 .S431960   Simplified electric wiring handbook
UA 927 .U57 1967   Emergency operations simulation training