Credit Courses

(BUS) Business

BUS 101 - Introduction to Business (3 credits)
Corequisite: ENG 101
Survey course of the American business system. Topics include forms of business ownership, financing, economic impacts, human resource management, marketing, management, accounting, the role of government, international issues, workplace ethics, legal concerns, and social responsibility. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 102 - Introduction to Sports Management (3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a minimum C grade
Examination of issues impacting the world of sports and management. Topics include the complexity of leadership, group dynamics, strategic and master planning, risk management, current social issues, Title IX and their effects on professional, intercollegiate, youth and other areas of sport. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 105 - Business Writing (3 credits)
Intense coverage of grammar, punctuation, and word usage skills. Emphasizes realistic application of current usage and style in today's work world. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 107 - Business Law I (3 credits)
Foundation course dealing primarily with contracts: the making of contracts, contractual elements, contracts in action, discharge of contracts, and remedies. Orientation to the legal system includes examination of law history and purpose. Uniform Commercial Code applications are stressed. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 108 - Business Law II (3 credits)
Prerequisite: BUS 107 with a minimum C grade
The law of agency and employment and labor-management relations. Regulation of business organizations: sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Addresses property law, bailments, personal property, intellectual property, real property, landlord-tenant relationships, wills, estates and trusts, and the evolving role/impact of the global business environment. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 109 - Personal Finance (3 credits)
Prerequisite: MAT 125
Basics of budgeting, buying, income tax, investments, home ownership, and insurance along with emphasis on wills and trusts. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 111 - Sports Law (3 credits)
Examines legal issues that impact the world of sports and sports management. Affecting professional, intercollegiate and other areas of athletics, matters explored include those involving agencies, contracts, torts, crimes, gender, disabilities, antitrust, internationalism, drugs, intellectual property, and alternative dispute resolution. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 202 - Customer Orientation (3 credits)
Explores the fundamentals of customer service, with focus on the "human" side of business and the importance of understanding and supporting those who depend on your business. Students develop core competencies necessary for providing excellent customer service, including an appreciation of diversity, developing loyalty, and dealing with customers. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 205 - Business Statistics I (3 credits)
Prerequisite: MAT 135 or MAT 140 with a minimum C grade
Emphasis on the application of statistical inference in business and economics, with attention to descriptive statistics, probability theory, sampling distribution and inference statistics. Additionally includes testing of hypotheses and confidence intervals. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 206 - Business Statistics II (3 credits)
Prerequisite: BUS 205 with a minimum C grade
Further testing of hypotheses and confidence intervals, plus coverage of regression analysis, chi-square, analysis of variance, and non-parametric measurements with use of several computer-based statistical packages. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 209 - Business Communications (3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a minimum C grade or equivalent background
Practical strategies for developing a clear writing style: organizing ideas, choosing effective words and composing concise paragraphs that make writing clear and persuasive. Includes letters of inquiry, claim, collection, and adjustment as well as resumes and cover letters. Requires oral and written business report. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 210 - Principles of Management (3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a minimum C grade
Provides a framework for managing an organization, including discussion of the key management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, influencing and controlling, with emphasis on ethics and international management issues. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 211 - Funeral Service Internship I (2 credits)
BUS 212 - Funeral Service Internship II (2 credits)
BUS 213 - Funeral Service Internship III (2 credits)
BUS 214 - Funeral Service Internship IV (2 credits)
Prerequisite: eligibility determined by Director of Funeral Service Programs and is limited to students who are registered as interns with the New Jersey State Board of Mortuary Science or student trainees with the Pennsylvania State Board of Funeral Directors
These sequential courses in the Funeral Service Preparatory program combine business cooperative education (75 percent) and professional work (25 percent) in a cooperating funeral home, where students work under the direction of a licensed funeral director for 16 hours each week. Courses are supervised by the Director of Funeral Service Programs, a field supervisor, and the sponsoring funeral director. 16 work experience/1 seminar hour per week
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BUS 218 - Principles of Financial Management (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ACC 111; ECO 103 or ECO 111; BUS 205 or divisional permission
Principles of financial management as applied to the firm, including the role of the finance manager; analysis of financial statements and the firm's performance; raising capital in the financial markets; the financing mix; valuation of financial assets; long term capital budgeting; working capital management; and international business finance. [occasional offering] 3 lecture hours
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BUS 225 - Employee Motivation and Leadership (3 credits)
Draws together cutting-edge theory and significant achievements in the study of work motivation and leadership, equipping students for success in the business world as team leaders and members. From a workshop format incorporating practical real-world applications and examples, students learn how to design teams to function optimally with a focus on skills for effective team participation. 3 lecture hours
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General Education course Diversity and Global Perspective
BUS 230 - Global Environment of Business (3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a minimum C grade
A survey course introducing the challenges confronting global business due to socio-political, economic, and cultural environments, including a discussion of ethics as it relates to these factors. Students are expected to read about topics such as political economy, cultural variation, trade theory, the international monetary system, foreign investment, and foreign exchange markets. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 239 - Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ACC 106 or ACC 111 or permission of instructor; ENG 101 with a minimum C grade
Exposes students to the skills and resources necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Topics include feasibility studies, cash management, business plans, pricing strategies, ethical issues, financing strategies, and financial statements. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 240 - Human Resource Management (3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a minimum C grade
Examination of human resource management including determination of manpower requirements, the employment process, wage and salary administration, insurance, safety, discipline, and employee relations. Related topics include morale, research, and preparation for collective bargaining. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 244 - Introduction to Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
Prerequisites: ACC 106 or ACC 111; ACC 205 or ACC 112; ENG 101 with a minimum C grade; IST 101, IST 102, or CIS 175; MAT 125 or advisor approved equivalent
A survey course designed to introduce students to the integrated activities of the supply chain, with emphasis on the flow of products, information, cash, and demand. Special topics include the global dimension, the role of technology, and strategic challenges. 3 lecture hours
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BUS 262 - International Dimensions of Management (3 credits)
Prerequisite: BUS 230
Study of how management activities in a global enterprise differ from those in a purely domestic company. Emphasis on cross-cultural interaction and its effects on planning, organizing, staffing and controlling the operations of a multinational company. [occasional offering] 3 lecture hours
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BUS 299 - Business Cooperative Work Experience (3 credits)
Prerequisites: sophomore standing and permission of coordinator
For MCCC degree students only. Integration of classroom study with specific planned periods of learning through job experience, designed for all business students. Seminars teach job-specific skills which can be practiced on the job. Course includes employer evaluation. 1 lecture/180 work experience hours