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To satisfy the requirements for the Mercer County Community College Floral Design Certificate, students must

  • Complete the Basic Floral Design class (Those with work or classroom related experience may receive a waiver for this course from the instructor.)
  • Complete 10 elective courses (for a total of 11 classes completed; those waived from the Basic Floral Design must complete 11 electives.)
  • Present a portfolio of your work, a current resume, and one completed floral design to three MCCC panelists at the culmination of the entire program

Whether you are an aspiring floral designer that is looking to start your career, considering making advancements in your profession, or looking to open your own business, enrolling in our certificate program is the ideal pathway. You will train with an industry expert while refining your skills for employment or business ownership opportunities.

By enrolling in these courses, you will gain a solid understanding of the Principles and Elements of floral design, allowing you to explore and develop your own design style. Through a variety of carefully designed and hands-on courses offered, you will learn many industry standard design techniques including corsage construction, cascading wedding bouquets, and armature structures. You will develop a diverse professional portfolio that will help you showcase your floral designs for prospective employers or clients.

Two floral arrangements will be made each class. No prior floral design experience is necessary to enroll. Students will keep all the arrangements they create in class. All 11 courses required for the Floral Design Certificate must be completed within a two-year time span. 


In order to ensure sufficient resources, no one will be registered past seven days prior to class.


Prerequisite Class: Basic Floral Design (offered every semester)

1. Cascading Wedding Bouquets (offered spring of even years)

2. Tropical Triangle Floral Design (offered spring of even years)

3. Crescent & Hogarth Curve Floral Design (offered spring of odd years)

4. Floral Designs to Accent Cakes (offered spring of odd years)

5. Hand Tied Wedding Bouquets (offered spring of odd years)

6. Armature Based Floral design (offered fall of odd years)

7. Corsages, Boutonnieres, and Hair Florals (offered fall of odd years)

8. Pave’ Floral Design (offered fall of odd years)

9. Floral Tablescapes (offered fall of even years)

10. Horizontal and Vertical Floral Designs (offered fall of even years)

11. Organic Floral Design (offered fall of even years)

12. Funeral Floral Design (offered spring of even years)


Do you love flowers and always wanted to learn how to create amazing floral arrangements? During this introductory class, we will discuss the Principles and Elements of Floral Design. Using industry standard techniques, you will design a vased floral, a foam based floral, and a ribbon bow. The skills taught in this class are the foundations for all the elective floral design courses.

Cost $95

Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Sep 17 1 Tu 6:00-9:00pm Deborah Moyer

Class will meet at MCCC Horticulture Greenhouse Complex


Man-made and natural materials are used to create dynamic structures that display and support flowers in these stunning floral designs. Learn techniques to construct two armature shapes. The beautiful flowers in your design may fade but the armature can be used again and again.

Cost $95


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Oct 15 1 Tu 6:00-9:00pm Deborah Moyer

Class will meet at MCCC Horticulture Greenhouse Complex


Flowers make the perfect accent for your special event or photoshoot and can help build upon your theme from romantic to whimsical. In this class, you will explore several different industry standard construction techniques including wiring and gluing, to design these handcrafted florals.

Cost $95


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Nov 12 1 Tu 6:00-9:00pm Deborah Moyer

Class will meet at MCCC Horticulture Greenhouse Complex


Create beautiful, compact floral patterns using the design technique of pave’. Borrowing this idea from the jewelry craftsman, these sophisticated designs have clean lines, unique forms, and strong color combinations.

Cost $95


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Dec 10 1 Tu 6:00-9:00pm Deborah Moyer

Class will meet at MCCC Horticulture Greenhouse Complex