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Come along for a visual exploration of the organic, imperfect charm of plants and flowers. Using simple drawing media and working from live specimens, we will create visual studies on paper. Students will learn guided drawing techniques to develop an understanding of the shapes and forms that make up various plants and flowers and leave with an understanding of the basic principles that make a drawing beautiful and interesting and create a piece of their own botanical artwork. Basic drawing skills are a plus, but all levels are encouraged and welcomed. Materials will be provided. Students may bring their own sketchbook or paper.

 Cost: $150


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Jan 21

Feb 11

4 TU 7:00-9:30pm Erin Ellis

BOTANICAL watercolor

Prerequisite: Botanical Drawing

Come along for a further exploration of the vibrant beauty of plants and flowers, in color! Using pan watercolors, you will practice color mixing and palette making, some light drawing, brush control and technique to explore this beautiful medium as a vehicle for translating plant and flower to paper. This is a beginner-painting course, building on the principles taught in Botanical Drawing. Materials will be provided but students are welcome to bring any materials that they already enjoy using.

 Cost: $180


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Apr 21

May 12

4 TU 6:30-9:30pm Erin Ellis

realism pencil drawing -  beginner

Are you constantly doodling on the side of your notes? All of us can draw! Realism is a style of art that makes one observe and see things exactly as they are. Everything that we see is a shape and if we start observing objects as shapes, we can easily transfer them onto paper to create realistic images. This course will teach you the simple techniques and unique strategies for realism pencil drawing skills- from shading techniques to values, perspective and composition. This introductory course requires no background in drawing ability. By the end of the class, you will have a completed project you can frame and display proudly! Cost includes all materials.

 Cost: $275


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Feb 15

Mar 21

6 SA 10:00am - 12:00pm Samirah Akhlaq


What is the difference between handwriting, lettering, fonts, and calligraphy? Why use hand lettering instead of a font? In an increasingly digital world, a desire for the hand-drawn image is on the rise.

Working with the drawn letter, students will gain an understanding of letterform construction, proportion, rhythm, and the value of negative space through a series of exercises and assignments. We will explore a variety of styles, focusing on the expressive qualities of hand lettering with emphasis on preserving a human and handmade quality in clean, professional-looking, and fully custom lettering work. Contemporary and historic typographic resources will be explored for inspiration. Typeface (font) selection and simple digitization techniques will also be covered. 

Specific materials will be provided. Students may bring their own sketchbook and any favorite lettering tools. 

 Cost: $225


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Mar 2

Mar 18

6 M, W 7:00-9:30pm Erin Ellis


Learn and experiment with artistic drawing techniques through the use of graphite pencils and colored pencils! Develop unique pieces to build your portfolio or to display for an art exhibit. Join this challenging program as you experience the joy of drawing with music, engage in lively conversations about art, and share your creativity with one another. Materials will be provided in class.

Cost: $158


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Mar 14

Mar 28

3 Sa 9:30-1:00pm Eleanor Evans


Learn and tryout inventive drawing and painting techniques with fine point marker, India ink, and acrylic ink. Design remarkable pieces to add for your portfolio or to display for an art exhibit. Materials will be provided in class.

 Cost: $135


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Apr 4

Apr 25

3 Sa 9:30-1:00pm Eleanor Evans
 No class April 11


This class is for those with prior drawing experience who wish to challenge and grow their interpretation skills. With transparent color washes and thin line work, students will learn to use a small set of artist-quality markers to draw from life. Drawing concepts explained and demonstrated include simplification of line, use of negative space to define form, abstraction, and intuitive drawing. An introduction to materials and techniques will be through drawing from photographs and still life objects.  Materials will be provided in class.

 Cost: $120


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Apr 9

Apr 30

4 TH 6:00-8:00pm Leni Paquet-Morante