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Designing with Flowers from your Cutting Garden

Have you wondered which flowers in your garden can be used in floral designs? Join us to discuss the perfect plant materials to choose for your cut flower garden and some harvesting tricks. Students will create a small hand tied bouquet of garden flowers to enjoy at home.
Cost: $70

NCHOM- CS001-01

*Class will meet at MCCC Horticulture Greenhouse Complex

Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jun 5 1 Tu 6-8pm Deborah Moyer

Introduction to Voiceovers

Have you ever wanted to be the voice everyone hears on commercials and documentaries? You too can become a Professional Voiceover Artist! In this fun and interactive class, learn some of the little known details of the industry. Your instructor will coach you while recording your voice. Be warned -- many who have taken this class have gone on to become real, bona-fide professional voice actors! This class is taught by a professional voice actor from the voice acting training company, Voices for All.


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jun 26 1 Tu 6-8PM Voices for All

Play the Guitar like a Pro-Beginners

In just half a day you will learn enough to play the guitar like a pro without years of weekly lessons. The traditional approach teaches note reading, while professional guitarists use chords. Here you will learn all the chords you need to play any song. Thousands of students nationwide have learned to play the guitar using this method and are now playing their favorite songs. It’s easy, fun and will have beginners playing the guitar within an hour. All skill levels welcome. A guitar is required.
Cost: $190


No class June 30, July 7
Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jun 2
July 21
6 Sa 10am-12:30pm Chris Peary

No class June 30, July 7

Play the Guitar like a Pro-Intermediate

Recommended: Play the Guitar like a Pro or equivalent knowledge of guitar
This course is designed for the continued studies of the participants of Play Guitar like a Pro. Emphasis will be more on understanding song structure, moveable chords and melodies. This course will concentrate on the personal development of technique on the guitar.
A guitar is required.
Cost: $190


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
July 28
Sept 22
6 Sa 10am-12:30pm Chris Peary

No class Aug 4, Sept 1, 8

The Sewing Experience

Sewing is both a fun and practical thing to learn! In this 8-week course, students will be taught the basics of sewing – both hand sewing and machine sewing. This is an intense workshop which will include mini lectures, demonstrations by the instructor, and exercises and sample projects performed by the students.
Cost: $190


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
June 5
Jul 31
8 Tu 6-8:30pm Kay Lindsay

Class meets at James Kerney Campus-Trenton

Red Cross Babysitting Certification

(Ages 11-15) This important course provides youth who are planning to babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly provide care to children and infants. This training helps participants develop leadership skills, while learning how to develop a babysitting business. Participants also learn basic first aid and how to keep themselves and others safe while helping children behave. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified in CPR for children and infants valid for one year.
Cost: $125


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jun 3
Jun 10
2 Su 1-4:30pm Lori Gordon

How to Break Into the World of Acting

Do you want to get into the world of Acting?  Is there is road map to get breaks? What are the different levels of acting jobs?  Can you do it full time or part time? After taking this course you will get answers to these questions and determine if Acting is your cup of tea. You will find out the challenges and rewards of this business and much more.  This course is for anyone who wants to act, who has ever acted or is already in the business of acting.
Cost $60


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
May 18 1 F 6-8pm Seeyali Siingh

Public Speaking and Presentation Performance Success!

This class is important for the anxious to the most confident presenter.  Whether speaking to a small group or large audience, it is important to learn the tips and techniques that will perfect your presentation and public speaking performance. In this day of “Need it Now”, learn how to simply put together an effective presentation. Power Point and Google Slide instruction is included in the course.
Participants in this course will come out with the confidence, tools and skills needed to change the way they communicate and present themselves.


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jun 14
2 Tu, Th 6-8pm Jill Myra

Animal Care Connecting with Your Dog:

Learn how to create a more positive connection with your dog through clear communication and explore creative ways to eliminate negative behavior.  Learn the importance of body language, verbal cues and how energy is recognized and conveyed.  Understand how positive reinforcement, combined with structure exercise, safe boundaries, affection and calm gentle leadership will lead to your dog’s success.  Nancy Tallino is the resident animal behavior expert and pet reporter for top-rated KYW NewsRadio and hosts the popular “Teacher’s Pet," a program on training tips and techniques. Note: Dogs not permitted to attend.
Cost: $60

NCASC CS015-01

Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jun 18
Jun 25
2 M 6-9pm Nancy Talolino

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