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Inclusive Learning: Understanding and Applying Effective Framework and Classroom Management

Educators working in both general and special education benefit from gaining a comprehensive understanding of their role in an inclusive learning environment. This course will review and discuss various frameworks and strategies for developing and maintaining an effective inclusive classroom, as well as a productive relationship between co-teachers. Learn the key elements of co-teaching and how the most effective approaches are weaved throughout the layers of each framework and contribute to the overall success of inclusive education. This course aligns with the New Jersey’s Standards for Professional Learning requirements and provides 8 professional development (PD) hours for educators.
Cost: $60


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
May 3
May 15
4 Tu,Th 6-8pm Denver Watson


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Substitute Teaching 101

Pre-requisite: Individuals must have a NJ substitute teacher certification.
Individuals holding their certification as a substitute teacher in the state of New Jersey will benefit by acquiring knowledge and strategies regarding classroom management, as well as their role and responsibility as a facilitator of learning. This course will review, discuss, and practice strategies for effective implementation of lessons/plans, rapport building with students, plus tips, tricks, and sanity savers for impromptu activities, conflict resolution, and effective documentation/communication that will enhance your experience as a substitute teacher. 
Cost: $40


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jul 10
Jul 17
3 Tu,Th 4-6pm Denver Watson


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