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Construction / UCC / OSHA

Construction Project Management

The Center for Continuing Studies’ Construction Management Program enables today’s construction industry managers to put principles and theories into immediate action on the job. Complete your projects on time and on budget.

Earn our Certificate or take just the courses that interest you.
To earn the certificate, you must take seven (7) core courses and complete two (2) additional electives.

Core Courses (all required for the certificate):
  1. Construction Blueprint Reading
  2. Materials, Methods, and System of Construction
  3. Construction Cost Estimating I
  4. Construction Change Orders and Claims
  5. Construction Project Management
  6. Contract Law in the Construction Industry
  7. Construction Specifications and Contracts
Electives (choose any two):
  1. Sketch Up Your Design
  2. Cost Estimating II
  3. Construction Math


Introdce yourself to blueprints and the specifications used on construction projects while learning the skills necessary to reference through those documents. Topics include symbols, abbreviations and scaling of working plans.

2.0 CEU

Cost: $275


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Jun 4

Jun 27

8 Tu, Th 6:00-8:30pm Joseph Scillieri

Sketch Up Your Design

Required: Familiarity with Microsoft Office

Learn to use the Google SketchUp Professional, version 7.0, to create a computer-generated 3D model for residential, landscape and interior design. At the completion of the course, you will have a PowerPoint electronic portfolio to showcase your design and 3D modeling and technology skills to show your supervisor or future employer. Workbook is required and available in the college bookstore.

1.8 CEU

Cost: $375


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

May 8

Jun 12

6 W 6:00-9:00pm Laurence Johnson


Mercer County Community College, part of the Mid-Jersey regional community colleges, is pleased to offer Uniform Construction Code (UCC) classes for the fall semester. These classes are for general contractors who are seeking to advance their careers and become New Jersey State Inspectors for local municipalities. The New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs (DCA) offers tuition reimbursement for qualified applicants. The information below lists the courses Mercer County Community College will offer this term.

Please note: After successfully completing the required courses, contractors also need to pass National Exams. Students needing additional material and training for the national exams or having questions about requirements or textbooks should contact the DCA Licensing Unit 609-984-7820 or go to All UCC courses will use the current New Jersey Uniform Construction Code textbook. Students are responsible for purchasing the required books.

Required: All course work within a particular discipline must be taken in the appropriate sequence (i.e., RCS, ICS, HHS).

Building Inspector HHS

Prerequisite: Residential and Small Commercial Specialist (RCS) and Building Inspector (ICS)

This course covers the administrative, plan review and inspection requirements for structural, energy, accessibility, radon, mechanical and fire protection systems applicable to Class I structures. Textbooks: 2015 International Building Code, 2015 International Mechanical Code and 2015 International Fuel Gas Code, (not required but recommended the Uniform Construction Code NJAC 5:23)    This is a hybrid course that meets for 15 sessions for a total of 60 hours which includes a mandatory field trip and has additional online work as well.

6.0 CEU

Cost: $660


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Apr 2

May 21

15 Tu, Th 5:30-9:30pm James Strang


Prepares inspectors for the administrative license of Subcode Official. Subcode administration, legal aspects of code enforcement, and relted legislation are covered. Topics include procedures and forms for permit applications; stop construction orders; variations; notices of violations; emergencies; and recordkeeping.

4.5 CEU

Cost: $528


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

May 28

Jun 27

15 Tu, W, Th 5:30-9:30pm James Strang


Prerequisite: Subcode Official class or license

This course acquaints inspectors and subcode officials with the role of the construction official. Includes instruction in such areas as: office organization, purpose and fundamentals of code enforcement, procedures for processing cases, search warrants and administrative hearings, records, maintenance, warrants, relocation, housing maintenance, and legal rights of landlords and tenants. Textbook required: Current Uniform Construction Code.

4.5 CEU

Cost: $528


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor

Jul 9

Aug 8

15 Tu, W, Th 5:30-9:30pm James Strang



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