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Card-making - Beginner

Have you ever looked at greeting cards and often thought it would be fun to create them? Now is your chance to learn how to make original and creative cards for any occasion! Create announcements, greeting cards, invitations; the applications are endless when you know the fundamentals. In this class, students will learn how to apply the following card-making techniques: folds, dry embossing, paper-layering, dimensional texture, and embellishment, while also learning the importance of choosing the right color medium. As an added bonus, interactive cards will be discussed.
Cost: $30


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
May 8 1 Tu 7-9pm Alicia Vincelette

Card-making - Advanced

Did you take Card-making - Beginner and love it? Would you like to improve your card-making ability? Do you have a special event coming and would like to put your personal stamp on it by creating a beautiful announcement? If so, don’t miss this class. Expand your knowledge and skill by learning the advanced techniques of card-making. Understand how to apply advanced folds, perform wet embossing and rubber stamp masking as well as how to choose the best elemental shape punch for various designs. Expand your card-making ability to multi-fold cards as well as interactive cards. Each student will employ these techniques to make 2 – 3 quality cards.
Cost: $30


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
May 15 1 Tu 7-9pm Alicia Vincelette

Saturday Drawing

Enjoy a relaxing Saturday this summer as you explore the fantastic field of Drawing! Have fun and learn innovative design techniques and imaginative experimentation through the use of graphite pencils, colored pencils, pen and ink, soft pastels and more! Enjoy this insightful program as you sharpen your artistic skills and expand your art portfolio! (Art supplies will be provided in class and are included in tuition)
Cost: $90 (art supplies will be provided in class and are included in price)


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Aug 4
Aug 11
2 Sa 10am-1pm Eleanor Evans

Sunday Clay Art

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday this summer as you create one-of-a-kind sculptures with air dry clay! Marvel in your ingenuity of colors and textures with acrylic paints, as you learn inventive modeling techniques and build your spectacular clay art! Enjoy this insightful program as you sharpen your artistic skills and display your sculpting savvy!
Cost: $90 (Clay and art supplies will be provided in class and are included in tuition)


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Aug 5
Aug 12
2 Su 10am-12pm Eleanor Evans

Hand Lettering

What is the difference between handwriting, lettering, fonts, and calligraphy? Why use hand lettering instead of type? In an increasingly digital world, a desire for the hand drawn image is on the rise. Working with the drawn letter, students will gain an understanding of letterform construction, proportion, rhythm, and the value of negative space through a series of exercises and assignments. We will explore in a variety of styles, focusing on the expressive qualities of hand lettering with emphasis on preserving a human and handmade quality in clean, professional looking, and fully custom lettering work. Contemporary and historic typographic resources will be explored for inspiration. Digitizationtechniques in Adobe Illustrator will also be covered.


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jul 16
Aug 1
6 M,W 6:30-9:30pm Erin Ellis

Chalkboard Lettering

Learn to create your very own medium-scale sign, menu board, or wall art.
In this course, you will learn to write, draw, space, and pair a variety of different letter styles through practice with stylistic alphabets and layouts, as well as how to create hierarchy and preserve legibility for a custom, hand lettered sign that is interesting, beautiful, and functional.


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jul 10
Jul 12
2 Tu,Th 6:30-9:30pm Erin Ellis

Botanical Drawing

Come along for a visual exploration of the organic, imperfect charm of plants and flowers. Using simple drawing media and working from live specimens, we will create visual studies on paper. Students will experiment with drawing techniques, develop an understanding of the shapes and forms that make up various plants and flowers, learn basic principles for what makes a drawing beautiful and interesting, and create at least one finished piece of their own botanical artwork.Basic drawing skills are a plus, but all levels are encouraged to attend


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
May 12
May 19
2 Sa 9:30am-12:30pm Erin Ellis


Dates Sessions Day Time Instructor
Jun 25
Jun 27
2 M,W 6:30-9:30pm Erin Ellis

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